Pammi reached the party on time. All lively faces in yellow brighten up the room. Most of them knew each other after a short introduction, the party was in full flow.
” Hey ! Ladies Let’s play a game ” Lolly screamed.
Ya ya ya everyone howled.

Here’s a piece of paper lying on the floor, both partners would face each other and have to dance in it, with a balloon between their chests. Every time the song would stop they have to fold the paper, and if someone steps out of the paper that stands for OUT.
“That seems impressive ” Geet! gave a childlike glint on her face.
They all assembled and got a kick out of it. It was all fun.
“Come on ladies let’s enjoy Tambola and without playing tombola how can we end our party?” Lolly again yelled.

All of them ended the number game and luckily Pammi won all the houses. She was pumped up.

Pammi shows her gown ” It’s around 35,000. I bought it yesterday only. She showed off each corner of the room narrating her shopping affair.

Mrs. Atwani was a bit late but she managed to get hung out with all the yellow beautifully dressed up beauties.
She showed Pammi “See, why I was late, Pammi! just my hubby returned from the US and bought this solitaire diamond ring. He always brings gifts for me, especially ornaments. He knows how much I love them. Now the situation is that he knows the latest designs better than me. She laughed loudly and exclaimed proudly while relishing paneer pakoda.

All eyes were on her “Ahh, she started….! ” said Pammi.

Geet continuously rolled her hair showing her new hairdo.
Tanya asked her” Wow your hair looks stunning,”

She gave a cheeky smile ” Oh yesterday I got my first keratin treatment, look at my hair and the glow it’s amazing ! I love them now and I can do anything to look sizzling” she fluttered, she took one selfie of herself with a pout.”wow”

To this, Nandini added “. You know last week even I took an appointment with Urban Clap. She brought all her stuff, they were neat and clean. Such fantastic service she gave. I enjoyed and cherished my package sitting at home.”

Yeah! Even “Yes Madam” is good and worth a try, these online services are exceptionally satisfactory ” Siya added.

“Mohini, you bought a new bungalow????? You didn’t tell us, no status updates, I got flying news from my genuine sources. When are you showing us your house? We need a party. Our dark horse” Kanika pointed out at Mohini.

“Anytime dear, actually I got busy with interiors, it’s done by nonother than Khanna interiors ” All eyes stuck on her yes! The number one interiors as you all know. We will have a grand celebration. don’t worry yaar!” Mohini chuckled.

” You are blessed my dear” Pammi drank up orange juice “Wow! This tastes so good in summer”.

You know my mother-in-law can’t even get a glass of water if I am not there, She needs me for everything; if I am not there, she would be helpless. She always gifts me nice stuff, whereas my sister-in-law always provokes her against me” Geet unexpectedly spoke out. To this Tanya added “But you are lucky, my mother-in-law takes everything from me” All burst into laughter.

” Let’s have dinner ladies” Kudrat shouted “Then dance” she summed up. With this, all moved to the dining area.
The food was set to keep in mind the shade of the day Dal Tadka, Biryani, Shahi Paneer, Kesar Kheer, etc…an endless list.

Let me take pictures first so that I can update my status and FB page Geet suddenly took out her iPhone and started taking selfies and everyone started posing and making poses and capturing their special clicks for the day.

After the lavish feast, the dance floor wobbles with all these gorgeous sizzling beauties. All superheated numbers swayed the party.

“Wow! What a party” Tanya do you want to go home, let’s go together. Tanya veered around and came near Pammi.
Pammi picked up her phone to call the driver.

Just a message popped up Hey Pammi! Let’s meet on Thursday. I have my kitty’s Colour code is Red with a hue of pinkish shade the message was followed by a blink-of-an-eye emoji.????

Tanya: what’s up my Sweetie pie? Paami giggled and showed her the screen.
Tanya oh!! again…she rolled up her eyes. “Oh not again” They both put their hands up and began stepping to the rhythms.

And the party continues….????????on n on… 


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