‘Show me this bhaiya, I want something latest..yesssss! Like this” Pammi showed some screenshots she took from Google.
“Ok Madam, come this way, on the second floor. “The shopkeeper led them both to the lift area.

“Oh! Lovely what a collection Tanya, See this is why I visit this shop only. ” Pammi explored everything and she made herself comfortable in one place.

“Do you want tea or coffee ma’am “?Politely the man asked.
“”Coffee ?? ” Pammi turned to Tanya “Yes” Bhaiya two coffee please, ” Pammi to ordered pointing her fingers.
” Reena, start showing some exclusive pieces, Ma’am ! Kindly show her the screenshots”. The man said, “Excuse me ladies”‘ I have to go now, soon sending you coffee, make yourself comfortable.”
“Reena, Ah! here are the pictures, I want this type of gown, yellow with tiny white in it.” Pammi added with some hues of colorful patterns will do wonders.

“Tanya! well, you can explore something for yourself” Pammi asked Tanya and began relishing dresses.

“Oh yes! Let’s see, whatever she is exhibiting then I can have an idea”. Tanya smilingly glanced at Reena.

” Ma’am this is the latest, these are A-line cuts with bold prints it is in fashion now”. Reena started displaying one after another.

“But this frill, UUF! It’s not up to the mark. It’s looking so cheap. Don’t you have some exclusive trendy type, I want to shine, you know” Pammi flickered at Tanya.

“Yay! Don’t you have gowns with slits in the sides,” Tanya inquired.
Very soon the coffee arrived. Both of them enjoyed coffee with clothes. It was all like the Coffee with Karan show. A lovely dovey chat with fashion.

” Tanya! Oh, Pammi hey!” Tanya turned around Mrs. Atwani “Hellooo! ” Tanya immediately wished her and spun her head towards Pammi.


Pammi Said “Hi! Mrs. Atwani” How come you are here?
“Oh! For yellow code, you both must be for that too” she chuckled.

“This one yes! Pammi pointed towards a gown, what’s it cost?”
Reena: for 35,000 ma’am.
Pammi made hefty eyes ” Oh! It’s not that worth it, “more than Atwani’s pet, of course, she cracked up quietly to herself and she scanned other dresses.
That ..that sequin one..yes give me that, let me try this one, she hastily went with that to changing room.

Tanya and Mrs. Atwani were still peeking for dresses.

“How about this one,” Mrs.Atwani asked Tanya ” but it had a polyester feel to it. Wouldn’t do on a summer” Tanya added.
Ah! This….one… look at this Tanya picked one yellow long dress. ” But hey! My Facebook profile photo has me wearing the same one ” Pammi shouted and chortled. ” Oh! Then ..look at her O my! This looks so pretty. Go for it Pammi ” Mrs. Atwani expressed.

” I told you, I am the best ” Pammi started posing in front of the mirror. “What’s the price my dear?” she asked.
Reena: Ma’am 45,449 rs. Only.
Pammi”Oo!! Too high… ” With an unfettered attitude, she walked to the accessory section, I have to take this one, no matter how costly it is. These both ladies are here with me what they will think about me if I won’t buy any of this?” Pammi told herself. “After all, I am the best. “They smiled looking for accessories.
Tanya turned and choose one dress for herself, “Let me try it out.” This was her turn.
Mrs.Atwani hunted out through the pile of clothes, ” let me go for a designer saree why iam rummaging through these dresses. Otherwise I will be looking the same as you both. Let me go for Manish Malhotra’s collection ” she uttered while Tanya came out unraveling this lovely outfit. “Gorgeous” isn’t it? She asked Reena.


Yes ma’am! Reena took a breath. Omg! These ladies she wondered to herself Atlast! She has a sigh of exasperation.
Tanya moved for accessories.

Where Pammi was flaunting her earings ” Isn’t that great Tanu”

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