The Pink Hibiscus or Being Yourself


This morning as the harsh April sun was just beginning to shine down with all ferociousness, i was walking in my garden, watering plants. The white hibiscus plant, commonly called china rose, had started flowering and there were nearly a dozen flowers in various stages on the plant. They were giving me a feeling of accomplishment as i had laboriously watered them twice a day in this burning summer heat of Korba. Then a slightly different flower caught my eye. It was a mild pink coloured flower in an otherwise white flowering tree! I was pleasantly surprised. I stood admiring it for a few moments and clicked its pictures on my mobile. The flower was so vivacious! As if it was telling me to be different, be yourself! Be a pink flower in a white flowered tree! As i stood there, i marvelled at the poise and grace of this flower. I guess we should all be like this: ourselves, irrespective of the crowd we are walking with. This non conformist flower had given me a pleasant life lesson this April morning!