Sugar n Spice~You are my life

A bottle of drip, with having a heavy dosage of medicines and crying with pain while a number of syringes were pinching on my nerves. Doctors were consoling me while nurses were patting my back. The days were miserable, nights were long and sleepless. When I saw my hands, it was like a red-black tattoo all over designs. These days were horrible which took me in another world.Through the window panes, I saw mornings and evenings, cars passing by. Someday, I would be like that again surrounded by life; getting on from this hospital bed.

After seeing of clouds flourish rains for hours, enjoying a number of cups of tea, I felt God had given me a break to live fully that I had forgotten while living a fully time bound hectic life.

It was few months back when I got injured though we tried our best .To cure this at home legs are still under observation and iam admitted in this hospital. . I started to write and it came out in a short story …my own life..My hectic life…

Lulu and Ava were newly married couples. They lived in Bangalore, both worked for different private banks.

After spending two to three hours travelling to the bank and the hectic working hours, they hardly used to get any time for each other. It was 9 am office … 11 am meeting … 10 pm home. Oh! Sometimes 12 midnight back home – during the audit period. They usually ate packed food or cooked by maids, with busy schedules and no rest.

Let me introduce Ava to you. She will be your host for the rest of the story..

Hi! I am Ava! Sometimes I don’t even get time to brew a cup of coffee for myself … that’s true. People think the banking sector is very relaxing but actually, it is not! Being in the finance department demands a lot of patience and time.

Lulu and I met during our training period. I got hitched up at first sight. Such a gentleman with a dashing personality, an amazing height and of course, spontaneously witty.

We became good friends or should I say, more than friends. We used to hang around Cafe Coffee Day or enjoy dinner in tandoori nights or Italian restaurants as our favourite fill for our tummy or we got cosy corners in these restaurants to spend time holding hands.

Sometimes enjoying movies or going for long drives, we were very comfortable with each other. Lulu was very special to me. While talking with him, I used to forget the rest of the world. With every meeting an eagerness for knowing him always increased. He was caring and possessive and mature enough to handle all situations.

Then, we decided to spend our life together after three long years of courtship and got married with ritual and family blessings.

Everything went fine; relationship was same even in difficult situations.

We always tried to spend time together but the problem was we couldn’t get enough time. We thought we won’t allow situations or problems to ruin our relationship but with years passing by our efforts went in vain. Mechanical and monotonous life took the reins of our life leaving us lonely and dull.

“You don’t love me. Lulu, you have changed, not as before. You don’t hold my hands anymore, no more spending time together, no long drives.” said Ava all of a sudden.

Lulu caught hold of Ava’s expression, “Why? What happened? Are you okay?”

“Today is Saturday, so we are going for dinner and that’s final.” Ava said angrily.

“Today! I won’t be able to make it sweetie. I have meetings with Executive Director till 10 pm,” he answered and left home.

I sat looking at the door as if world has ended; everything is so mechanical and routine. This used to happen mostly now and we started to blame each other and fought with each other. We wanted to ignite the spark of our marriage but our schedules did not support our wishes.

One day, while leaving the bank I slipped on the stairs and all of sudden I rolled down the stairs. I felt severe pains in my legs. I was not able to stand. I was screaming because of the pain.

Thanks to Ankit, my colleague. He helped me. He took me to a nearly clinic and dropped me at home. He called up Lulu.

“Is it Lulu?”

“Yes, speaking .. who is this?” Lulu said.

“Ankit here Sir, Ava’s colleague. Unfortunately Ava got an injury on her legs” he said.

“What!? Accident? Is she fine? Where is she now?”

“Don’t worry sir she is with me and I am going to drop her at home. Come early sir”, said Ankit.

“Okay! I am leaving now” Lulu said.

He returned home and hugged her tightly, “Ava! Are you alright? What happened? How did it happen dear?”

Ava was in tears. “I am fine dear; the doctor said it is a fracture. I just slipped from stairs. Thanks to Ankit who took me to the clinic.”

“Oh Ankit! Sorry! I didn’t even ask you anything. Can I get you something? And thanks dude!” Lulu Said.

“Oh no! I don’t want anything. I am late. I have to rush for a meeting now. Please take care, I will try to come again, you take rest Ava.” Ankit said.

“Thank you again Ankit! Bye!” Lulu said. And then Ankit left.

I was not feeling well. Lulu asked me to take a nap, I took medicines and I went to sleep.

After a few hours, I woke up. I saw Lulu had come with a soup in a bowl. He took my head in his arms and gently started feeding me, wiping my face, cleaning my face as if I were a small kid. That day, time stopped. We were actually together. There were no quarrels, no arguments. Only Lulu was with me kissing me all over, making me feel as if he loves me more and more. As I was not able to sleep, Lulu held my hands. Sat near me and kept saying, “Don’t worry sweetheart. I am with you.” I felt the same warmth and love as before and we hugged each other and slept.

The next day, he brushed my teeth and brewed a masala chai, followed by a lavish breakfast. He was taking care of me like a baby. He combed my hair, took me for shower, and dressed me up like a fairy of his dreams! He made my favourite masala bhaat with daal. He was doing everything for me to make me feel special.

I was in pain but seeing all this, my pain was vanished. “Is this my Lulu?” I wondered. We were neither on any trip nor on any long drive but with a broken leg. “Ha ha ha …! but life is beautiful”, after this accident – we were together; I was pampered, cuddled, all the time.

I always used to think having a good time together means a candle light dinner, a long drive, gifts, etc. But this accident made me realise that good time means being together, spending hours and hours chatting! No need of expensive gifts or candle light dinners – doesn’t matter where we are.

No matter if we cannot afford a luxurious hotel sometimes simple masala bhaat and dal made by your spouse at home is speechless. Important is being together.

Lulu hugged me. He lowered his head and gently touched his lips to mine. “Ava! I love you, please forgive me, I will be there with you always dear. Don’t worry, you will be alright.”

I was feeling every beat of his heart,I could feel his every breathe,my heartbeat went faster.I was in his arms .Lulu moved my strand of hairs which was coming on my face.He opened my hairs and brought me closer ,I surrendered myself to him ,No one spoke.Everything was just perfect.I could feel his breathing against my chest ,our soul completely lost in each other.

A lone tear trickled down my cheek he just kissed away the tear.He brought me gently to bed ..That night the moments,the sky the stars had all ceased to exist.i wish I could behold the time.

I embraced my arms around him tightly wrapped him with my love.

This was just..So much better than I had ever imagined. We kissed each other and our silence spoke a thousand words and it was magical.

We promised each other to celebrate each moment of life with small happiness’s spending time with each other.