Autumn Carnival

An autumn carries more gold in its pocket ~Jim Bishop

This is a joyful and beautiful sensation … this is October! The autumn sky is laced with a pinch in the air with a pleasant fragrance lingering in the evening air. Shiuli flowers (Night Jasmine – Harshingar) dances in the windy breeze just like the excitement among people.There is a feeling of carnival and eyes yearn for meeting one’s family and friends. All these tell us that it is that time of the year again – for festivities and a jolly mood in everyone.

I walk out in the misty morning in my garden and tiny droplets kissed my feet. I realise that there is a crisp nip in the air.

I listen to the silence at the dawn and the chirping of birds.

They are giving a gentle calm feeling like meeting an old friend after a long time.

She is here, spread like a blanket, all over with fragrance of Shiuli flowers, that have fallen on the various paths.

The fragrance of the flowers bring back a memories, they feed the soul with eternity and nostalgia.

An autumn carries more gold in its pocket ~Jim Bishop

when trees shed their yellow leaves but it brings much excitement among people. They had feelings sewn up in the euphoria of celebrations and festive moods.

This is the time the city streets and roads comes to life with celebrations and gaiety. They are beautifully decorated as if the city is decked up like a newlywed bride. Everyone is geared up for all the pooja related activities, for shopping and for celebrations.

People pray to God for gracing them with happiness. It all starts with Ganesh Pooja. It is followed by a long line of major festivals – Navratras, Dandiyas, Durga Puja, Dusshehra, Diwali, Bhaiduj, Christmas and of course, the New Year.

Summer songs have been sung and the winters are still to arrive. Autumn is the season of hope and it brings joy to people’s face.

The lights of the various Pandals attract all and sundry. Pandal Hopping -an insane energy that pulsates among the people. In Kolkata people enjoy night life during pooja time – Through out the night they roam around various pandals and enjoy eating out. These elaborate Pandals take months of hard work to create idols. The festive atmosphere creates an insane energy among people, sleeplessness and orgy of street food add to the pomp and splendour to the grandeur.

A feeling of new beginning with all positivity for our heart and soul forgetting all sorrows and absorbing new hope into lives.

Getting a fire lit with hot drinks confering and rejuvenating everyone.

With the intense fragrance of Shiuli Flowers, it engulfs a feeling in the air that someone special is again knocking on our doors.