Happy Yesterday!!

Tomorrow is the day
When I will think today as
A happy yesterday.
I will look back
at it with smiles.
Once it is no longer
responsible for my styles.
I will think today was good
wishing that I was still standing where I stood.
Today will be in the past
and its problems will not seem so vast.

Nostalgia will make me like now
when I am no longer in it, I do vow.
Or perhaps it will just be an appreciation
of my life’s station.

It will seem like it was great
once this time is late
For then, new problems will have overtaken me
and these are the ones I will then see
As the part of trouble
something that burst the bubble

All today’s rain
will have filtered down the drain
or how I will beam
it does seem
when I look upon today
as a happy yesterday.