Pasta is our favourite dish among all our bacha party and adults . But what one bothers while serving it is the use of refined flour. While the precooked versions of Pasta at stores are available but one can make it at home which is both yummy and tasty yes healthy too! It avoids all the ills effects of refined flour while retaining the taste!

White Sauce Pasta : without refined flour

White Sauce Pasta is one of my favorite Italian recipes and whenever I feel like eating something rich, creamy and cheesy I go for it. My husband requests for it as he cherish it in breakfast. This white sauce pasta recipe uses whole wheat flour for the sauce. To make it healthy I thought of using wheat flour,and it came out well so I thought to share. I have used some cheese and mayonnaise for the extra cheesy effect in the recipe. You can feel free to skip those two for health reasons. However, I add both when I give this in school tiffin as it stays soft and saucy for long. White Sauce is one of the classic sauce recipes of Italian cuisine and is extremely easy to make. The sauce uses butter,flour and milk in the ratio of 2 tbsp:2 tbsp: 1 cup. I have added extra milk to make it saucy. You can add according to your taste.

With a final touch of some oregano and chilly flakes or mixed italian herbs, you will have a nice white sauce.Now a days you can find these herbs easily in stores. If you use fresh herbs it’s aroma is divine.

Preparation method of White Sauce Pasta


Whole Wheat Pasta Butter: 2 tbspOnions: 2 finely slicedWhole Wheat Flour: 2 tbspMilk: 2 cups + as neededCheese: 1/2 sliceMayonnaise: 1 tbspChilli Flakes + Oregano: as neededSalt: to tasteCornsChopped capsicum.


1. Boil pasta in enough water in a large pan with enough salt. Cook till the pasta becomes tender (not too soft nor too firm). Takes around 10 minutes. Drain, wash with cold water apply little oil ,mix it and and keep aside.

2. For the sauce, heat another pan. Add some butter and once it melts. Add finely sliced onions and saute till they turn translucent.

3. Now add the flour and saute for 2 minutes.

4. When the flour has mixed well, add the milk and mix well so that there are no lumps formed. The whole mass will start becoming saucy and thick. You can add more milk if required according to your taste you can make changes as required.

5. Add corns and chopped capsicum, stir fry.

5. Add the pasta and enough salt for the sauce and mix well.

6. Immediately add the cheese slice and mayonnaise and mix well.

7. Sprinkle chilli flakes and oregano or mixed herbs and serve hot.


1. Cheese and mayonnaise are optional.

2. The milk quantity can be adjusted according to consistency. If you feel the sauce is very thick, you can add extra milk after adding pasta.

3. The homemade pasta unlike the precooked one’s is quite healthy. Make healthy pasta delightful by adding your own ingredients to relish!

Healthy pasta when it’s made at home it is more soft and nutritious as we can add ingredients according to our choice. You can take wheat flour to make healthy pasta and you can add herbs or anything your kids like and give it a twist so that more flavours can be added.

We have to put the pasta into warm water and boil it for 2 minutes or till it is cooked.

Super soft tender nutritious pasta is ready to cook.

Happy Cooking!!