Beauty of Womanhood

You are more powerful than you know; You are beautiful just as you are

Melissa Etheridge

Every woman is beautiful inside. She just needs to realise this. And this realisation will make her grow and expand and allows her wings to soar.

The good thing is, when you realise you are beautiful, it becomes your first step towards harnessing the power within you.

The BEAUTY of womanhood is that, women are blessed with a nurturing force. Not only do they create life but also they incubate it and deliver it to the world, notwithstanding the immense pain inside them.

People often try to dissuade us from reaching our goals but a strong woman will overcome every hurdle to make herself a rainbow of life. In being strong inside, one can change their way of life – growing and developing one’s own life as she choose it to be. Creating paths, rather than letting others to decide what sort of life one will have. With determination and willpower one can do wonders. Being strong makes one beautiful.

Speaking up for themselves is one of the keys to becoming strong. It is this important skill that motivates one to lead a life of one’s own choice and to become the best woman that one can be. When you pursue dreams you have to speak up to achieve your goals.That’s one of the things that makes you beautiful .

Mother Teresa was a lady that we all adore for her selfless love and caring for the poor. She embraced all and did small things with great love and beauty to serve the people. She inspires us to live for others, to spread love and kindness. So, being beautiful is also having a kind heart to bestow love for others to be an inspiration to the world.

When I was younger, I watched the Miss Universe beauty pageant where Ms Sushmita Sen was asked:-

What is the essence of being a woman?

She was able to conquer the universe with her instantaneous and prudent answer, empowering thousands of other beauties who need to breathe. She answered, “Being a woman by itself is a gift of the God that all of us should appreciate, the origin of a child is a mother and is a woman. Woman is one who shares love with men and teach that what love, caring and sharing is all about.”

It was 24 years ago. Her inspirational thoughts changed my views regarding the definition of a beautiful woman.

She writes poetry. Well, she basically weaves magic with her words. After reading them I thought to pen down my own thoughts. It inspired me during those days to write poetry. I was in school and I started my journey of writing, which I still do to express my emotions.

Last year, I had to leave my much loved teaching job due to our transfer. I felt suffocated and stuck up at this new place. However, the passion of writing again motivated me to chase my dreams – a new path indeed. It was a doorway to live my life with a disarming smile from the depth of my heart .

There are a lot of inspiring personalities in my list. These are beautiful people who are working dedicatedly to make a mark and are inspiring others. I will write about a few of them.

My Mother – an angel on Earth.

Since I am very close to my mother, she is also my inspiration in life. As she sacrificed so much to make us stand on our feet. Life grappled us with many problems but she stood by us every time we needed her.

Losing my Dad to a deadly Cancer – our world was suddenly broken. Only because of her patience and dedication that we are, where we are today. We means, my brother and myself. She has the highest respect and love in my heart. How she raised both of her children, protected us like a bird, taking care of her chicks, giving warmth when our spirits were low and till today, being our “Rock “.

It is her wisdom of ages which we carry in our heart today to make our world beautiful. She is a reflection of unconditional love, power, beauty and inspiration for us. Being a single mother, she fought with the world whenever needed and protected us.

As we stand today, I find myself totally dedicated and steelily determined towards my work through the doldrums of my life, all thanks to her.

My *mother – in – law,* is a retired headmistress of a Government school. I am fortunate to have her in my life. She was awarded the best teacher award. She harvests the simple things in life, nourishing pure minds with a golden heart that beats for her loved ones. She is a hardworker and dedicated teacher supporting her family in every way. Doing household chores with her job was a difficult thing that she achieved gracefully with a smile.

Her pleasant aura makes a bond of love with everyone and creates a positivity in the surroundings.

Both beautiful ladies are inspirational and example of true beauty in my life.

She adores me, as I continue to be in her profession, i.e. a Teacher. I am grateful for this and I proved to be one of those few fortunate individuals with two moms who get love unconditionally with all my flaws and faults. Their strengths and beauty and love has made me who I am today.

Being a teacher I intend to share my pearls of wisdom with the young ones, inspiring them to live a life of love and courage never bogged down by life’s challenges, take time out to celebrate “YOU” because you are the most beautiful creature on this EARTH.

When I care for them, teach them I feel a completeness. I thank God sometimes for giving me a beautiful soul inside to nurture and give others and feel content.

Giving to the society selflessly is another way of being beautiful heartily!

When I googled the meaning of beauty it showed the result as a combination of qualities such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic sense, specially the sight.

But is looking physically attractive enough to accept someone as beautiful?

A fair, pretty, tall lady with willowy hair, having a great figure with whole make up, eye lashes, high heels and gown look. Is that all what beautiful means?

A woman is beautiful when she chases her passions, shows compassion with all her intelligence and with a fun loving spirit. She keeps a sense of adventure, never giving up to ebb and fear having tons of confidence to ignite and spark everything around her.

These days, beautiful for teenagers means taking selfies, making pouts, filtering them every minute and unloading them on social sites to collect likes and comments. They measure their self worth and grade themselves accordingly. Hundred of “likes” on a picture would make them blush, whereas no like would demoralise them to the pits.

In the long run this behaviour is probably unhealthy and it would have an adverse impact.

Some woman cherish their looks every moment. If they find a blemish or wrinkle or a flaw it creates a panic situation and they knock the doors of a good plastic surgeon or a dietician or a workout guru.

True Beauty doesn’t come from looking at the mirror with a lipstick tube or a mascara wand or a blush brush , BEAUTY comes from looking deep inside oneself and their heart

External appearance is for the time being. Inner beauty of a person counts more with growing age.

Don’t get bamboozled by the society’s impression of what a woman should look like. Being beautiful includes well equipped with knowledge. It includes having a good personality as well as having great spirituality.

Walk gracefully with a smile and confidence.

Treat yourself like a queen. Find a reason to fall in love with yourself everyday, admire yourself. You are valuable. You are lovely. Feel it, fondle it, kiss it, frolick in it. Every single day – you are Awesome! You are beautiful!