Merry Christmas!!

“I don’t believe in Santa, no Christmas party,” Ms.Edward said stubbornly, looking at her daughters. Her voice got heavy and she turned away blinking back her tears.”But Mom, Dad used to love Christmas party, for him we have to celebrate.” Sandra looked haughtily.

Emma countered a little forlornly. “What about the gifts that we get every year in our stockings? I mean you put it there Mom?”..

“Oh! come on sweetheart mommy don’t feel disheartened we all love you and Dad is with us!”

Both of them put their arms around her and kissed Ms.Edward.

It had been almost a year since Ms.Edward had lost her husband due to a sudden heart attack though she tried to adjust new life but she couldn’t help missing him constantly.

And the special occasion made it worse. Christmas being his favourite, all celebrations, parties gifts … how she could forget all these even now? She felt as if some miracle happens and she could get back Mr.Edward again..

She watched indulgently as Sandra and Emma bustled about preparing for party to give Santa a thumping welcome.

They had bought a HUGE Christmas tree and decorated it with all stars and glitters. They loved doing up the tree.When all fairy lights glittered in the evening , this tree looked simply gorgeous and glorious.

Ms.Edward thanked God for giving true Angels as her daughters.

Unknown to everyone she made a small card for her husband and wrote “Merry Christmas”.

She put it in an envelope and placed it under the tree where no one would see it. She prayed if Santa could help her to reach to her husband. If he really exists, then he will.

Christmas Eve, everyone looked dashing in their best costumes. Nobody could forget that this was their first Christmas without Dad. Everything reminded them of him-his innovative ideas, his arrangements, his handmade cakes and jellys mouth watering puddings and crepes, his chiding them to hurry. The gully used to light up with 100 twinkling stars and what a lavish christmas party it used to be! Full of frolick and fun.

Ms.Edward peeped into the place where she hid her wishes for her husband hoping Santa to take care of. Still a child lived in her heart with a hope. All came and they enjoyed the evening though remembering Mr.Edward.

She heard a sound and a swish of air passed by as if someone is their with her that night, as people say, “He is there with you whenever you need him”.

After the party, she switched off the lights leaving only the fairy lights blinking under the tree. Sandra and Emma had a great time. Being tired they went up to their rooms and slept off. After cleaning the mess Ms.Edward looked for her envelope still lying with a hope. She then went into her bedroom still thinking “Does Santa really exists?”

Her love for Mr.Edward made her to think like a child with lots of quirky wishes to come true.

A bright morning with a beam of sunlight falling on her face made her to getup fast. As if a toddler, she went to see her envelope, and to her surprise she found a heap of brightly shining gifts lying under the tree. She grabbed the card kept in between those gifts and with trembling fingers she pulled out the paper inside, she just closed her eyes and opened with a flash

‘Iam there honey! With you all the time, love, David!” said the card and under it faintly written words “and so am I,Love Santa”.

All of a sudden, the clock stopped. Ms.Edward stared at the card, was it her dream or reality? She looked up into the sky and drops of tears rolled from her eyes, she felt him, his warmth. These were tears of joy and with renewed faith streamimg from her eyes, she kissed the paper and wrap it around her heart…. She never noticed two loving hearts, bright with unshed tears, watching her through the upstairs windows.