She can fly

Dream – something we want very much to happen. Isn’t it? We all dream and they should be fulfilled. Dreaming high is always necessary to visualise life in different means. Ideas, emotions, desires are always important and are needed to fly high. A girl with desires and hopes can soar to the heights of success. She can fly if she is determined and has the capability of lots of hard work.
When one dreams of something big and tries to achieve it with dedication, no one can stop them to reach their goal. When you sow a seed and nourish it, one day that tiny seed of hope bears fruits of happiness.
A girl or a woman when she is set free to pursue her dreams and to chase her passions, success will positively kiss her.

In the past when a girl was born, people used to take that as a burden. But as we are cruising through the 21st century, girls are no more shy, coy or timid. She can fly now if she is given an opportunity. She can do whatever she wants to. With innovative ideas and opinions, she can venture into new arenas and attain heights of success. Females are now standing equally with their male counterparts in every area. She has set goals for herself and strives to mould those dreams into reality with her hard work and will power to achieve the best.
Let her free and give her wings to fly. And watch this woman with a soul of a mermaid and liveliness of a butterfly sparkle like a star.
The world will be a better place to live in where both the sexes will be at the helm. The 21st-century woman has shattered the glass ceiling. Women can fly enthusiastically when barriers are eliminated that hinder their path. We have to do more than mere lip service about gender equality, ensuring that every woman has an equal right to access power and have an impact on society. She is the woman with a beautiful soul, nothing can beat her path in life when she is determined to chase her goals and dreams. She just needs acceptance, encouragement to cherish her path, whatever may come on the way.
Let us give her space. Uplift and boost her. Let her fly high, soar the heights. The world will see a new trend. A new vision and new hope of empowering women.

She never knew what the world means to her,

She cries always for her share of freedom,

All she knew was looking out for her dignity

Streaked with her own identity and her own abilities,

Her silent rage,

That no one ever listened.

Now behind her back, she has tied both wings,

Wings that will break all barriers,

So that she flies into great horizons,

No obstacles, no hinderance,

She flies like a butterfly,

All by herself with joy,

Being what she always wants,

To reach and touch eternity.

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