Earth is our best friend. This is where we live. Our biggest aim is to save our Earth from hazardous plastics. We all have to make our Earth plastic-free. So that it will shine like a Kohinoor diamond. This planet will become safe for all.
REDUCE, REFUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE single-use plastics. Say “NO” to plastics. People should stop bagging the planet. Prevent the Earth from being laminated with plastics.

What is single-use plastic?
Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These are items like plastic bags, straws, coffee or teacups made of plastics, water bottles, soft drink bottles, drink stirrers etc.

These are reused after drinking, it’s a very common practice we find at homes. But unknowingly it leads us to an unhealthy life.

Earth is beautiful and is gifted with resources to make life exist. Unfortunately we humans are ruining all the natural resources and destroying God’s creations.
Plastics are causing harm to flora and fauna. Every individual should take responsibility to stop using plastics. This will help make our environment cleaner and greener.
Plastics, such as plastic bags, which are used for carrying groceries and vegetables are easily available. But, it has become a big issue for disposing of these bags. They are non-degradable causing major land and water pollution.

Petroleum-based plastic is not biodegradable. These usually go into the land where it is buried or it goes into the water and finds it’s way into the ocean. Plastic will not mix or mingle with soil rather it will degrade (break down) into tiny particles in many years. In the process of breaking down, it releases toxic chemicals into the environment. Indirectly these affects us through the food and water we take, it leaches and enters the human body. These toxic chemicals are now being found in our bloodstream. The latest research has found them to disrupt the Endocrine System which can cause cancer, infertility, birth defects, impaired immunity and many other ailments.
Plastic bags are mostly made of polypropylene which is produced from natural gas and petroleum. Both of them are non-renewable fossil fuels. Their extracts create greenhouse gases, that are the leading agents of global warming.

This is the reason many countries have banned the use of plastic. Our Indian government has taken major steps to stop the use of single-use plastic which is harmful to the entire world.

It is very difficult to destroy and dispose of plastics. They can’t be decomposed by the soil and rather are eaten by animals or blown away by the wind, sometimes entering the oceans and affect the marine life. The marine creatures sometimes by mistake eat this plastic as food. This toxic substance can cause various health issues to the marine creatures as well as the people who eat seafood. If they eat these infected fishes, lobster or any other marine creature can suffer from illness.

Waste food materials, fruits, peels on vegetables are usually thrown away in plastic bags. Animals and birds may eat them. This can cause various illnesses. Even choke them or damage their digestive track which might kill them.

Plastics cause land pollution. The toxic chemicals which are produced by them make the soil contaminated. As they do not decompose making soil infertile and damaging the agricultural land. Hence hampering the growth of plants.

It’s high time we must stop the use of plastic bags and say no to plastic. We should think about the harmful effects caused by them. Rather than the convenience to carry something for just a minute. The use of cloth bags instead of plastic ones could be a lifesaver.

Some of our companies have initiated work to stop single use plastics in their premises, for example NTPC has taken steps in support of this campaign .A nice initiative to support this cause.

Say “NO” to plastic. Don’t get miffed when shopkeepers who tell you that ‘plastics are banned’. Government has taken this step for our betterment and we should follow it. We should carry a cloth bag. Join our hands together to switch on to eco-friendly alternatives of plastic.

We, humans, have caused extreme harm to our mother Earth. The environment has decreased day by day. We should make an effort to reduce pollution to save our environment. Let us take an oath which every single person, no matter what, should follow.
Let’s make our planet beautiful again…