DIWALI- Give love n blessings!!

During Deepawali, along with our homes, the mind also needs cleaning. Along with using new items at home, good values also need to be instilled in our hearts and minds. We should together prepare for Diwali with love and pure feelings. Diwali is a time when we give each other sweets and gifts.

Prior to Diwali we make plans how to celebrate, what to buy, what gifts to give, what sweets or dishes to be made.
But sometimes this act of gifting becomes a burden and creates stress.Why do we give gifts?

How this tradition has started?
A few years ago, I saw this practice in our society where we resided. I realized in Diwali, a few friends give gifts although the very next day they exchange a weird smile with a strange gesture. One thought that pinches me always is why should we live in such fake and artificial relationships? Why people are giving gifts? And after giving, comparing gifts or exchanging those gifts with others which they think are not useful. What is the need for such superficial packets of love which are sugar-coated with blessings.
Why do we give gifts? This one sentence drives me crazy. If you do something, do it whole -heartedly, and not take it as burden.

Actually when we gift each other, it means we give our love and blessings. Nothing is better than this gift. To endow with opulence and happiness.
But gradually people thought that “How can we give blessings alone? We need to give something else too.” So we began to prepare sweets, planning and making sweets with love and positive feelings became a tradition. People all over, started exchanging sweets with love and blessings. While making sweets, the energy of power, blessings and feelings are mixed into the sweets. Then the sweets are energized by the pure feelings and vibrations . We began to distribute among our near and dear ones.

However over a period of time, people became busy and due to lack of time, they started buying sweets. Now a days many people like dry fruits. It has become an option mainly for diabetic people. Various eye catching gifts are available.

Gradually, our focus shifted. Our feelings, our vibrations, intentions shifted too. Now valued at its cost, size and intention behind it.
This becomes a stress. I need to give so many people. After office hours I have to travel so much to give the gifts inspire of traffic jams. But it has became a routine to give gifts. Sometimes you may be able to visit that person only once in an year. But due to Deepawali gifts people dig out frozen relations.It’s good to give love and blessings not to value our relationships with the amount of gifts.

Sometimes people don’t know what to do with the gifts they receive. Those gifts are transferred to other people.
While doing all these we don’t check what is the vibrations of the gift that we are giving to people.

If that gift has vibrations of helplessness or influencing someone there are no pure vibrations or this is not what the gift is meant for. Sometimes people think they gave an expensive gift so we need to give them a similar gift. Money is a crucial thing some may not avail costly gifts .
Every thought, every emotion, every vibration, if it is impure, it carries some negative energy. This is a energy of helplessness, tiredness and fatigue. To return expensive gifts accordingly also creates stress.
It becomes more like a business or transactions.

So while gifting, one may follow these Dos and Don’ts:-

1) Let us gift to a person to whom we really want to gift. It should not be a quid pro quo. There should not be any expectations attached with gifting.

2) Always say a small prayer whenever you are gifting. While saying the prayer imagine the well being of the person whom you are gifting. Make it a true thought.

3) Don’t gift expensive things. Typically a gift should never exceed the buying capacity of the recipient.

4) While selecting the gift spare a thought about its utility and functionality by the recipient. Purely glittery show pieces should be avoided. Try to gift environment friendly stuff.

5) By buying earthen diyas celebrating eco friendly Diwali spread happiness. It supports the poor people who spend long hours to make these diyas. Gift such things by which we can support and lighten their houses.

6) Try to gift things which are locally made or crafted by traditional artisans. One can also gift things made by oneself like a small painting or show piece. This adds a personal touch which makes the gift invaluable to the recipient.

7) Its the thought which matters. So always gift with a magnanamous heart and prayer for the wellbeing of the recipient.