Pammi scrolling her laptop screen, murmured to herself “I have nothing to wear. What should I wear for today’s party?” Pammi opened her cupboard and suddenly a bunch of clothes fell down. Oh! these clothes! Where should I keep them UMM? Let me put them together in polythene so that I can hang them.

Tring… tring…

Oh! Hello, how are you, Tanya? Pammi called up Tanya to share her problem of having nothing to wear.

Fine, what,s up? Tanya sipped a cup of coffee and rolled her eyes Again this drama queen will eat up my brain she pondered to herself.

Oh! Tanya, what will I wear today? I don’t have anything to wear. The shade code is yellow. Pammi instantly started narrating her story and told about her cupboard and clothes.

Oh! You don’t have one, in the last kitty, I saw you wearing a yellow saree, whose saree was that? Tanya giggled. So you might have robbed someone else cupboard. She winked her eyes.

Pammi frowned face ooh hoo! That’s old now. Everyone has seen that. I can’t wear that again darling! What Mrs. Gomes will say then, no! No! I have to look for another yellow one. A tint of white in it..yeah! This is what I am looking forward I love this combination, and also the handbag and matching footwear. She took the remote and began to skip the channels. Matching! Everything you know Pammi burst into a loud guffaw.

Tanya poured quickly “I had no idea you were coming to this party.”

Wait, wait, let me call my driver she picked up the intercom “Driver! sanitize the car I will go to Lajpat Nagar market “ Pammi ordered and kept her phone back.
You know Tanya, I buy everything from Lajpat Nagar’s showroom, I have to look my best .” Pammi the best, wow…”


Of course! Pammi continued, she got up and began to flared her gown in front mirror making different pouts and poses Am I looking hot today? She murmured.
” Yah! What Mrs.Atwani said yesterday Oh my god! She bought a pet dog for 25,000 Rs. and engaged a trainer too. I was stunned hearing this “. Tanya said.
” Ahhh! Is it? ” Pammi listened to her as if she was scheming something fresh to keep up her crown in front of her kitty buddies.
” Her parties are too boring. She is not an ace cook and her dining is so poor” Pammi gave a cheeky wink.
Ding ..Dong…
“Ma’am your car is ready” the driver shouted from outside.
Ok! Darling let’s meet in the evening. Let me search for a beautiful dress for this party.
But Pammi…Tanya interrupted ” Are you going for this dress only ” she enquired
“Oh yes! The Best …I told you just now. Pammi is the best and always will be. Do you want to come, let’s go together, you can also look for something latest”. Pammi started blushing her face with a makeup brush.
At once she accepted her proposal as if has got this opportunity handed to her on a silver platter “. Lajpat Nagar in your car…let’s go” Tanya got excited.

To be continued….