Debonair 40

Sometimes, there is an uncanny feeling that your 20s fashion no longer works for you as you are 40 now. There is an awkward feeling when you are around friends and colleagues who are within the same age bracket and you look hot just as if you are fresh out of the university.

What do women wear at 40? Is it difficult to pull off mature with chic? After all, everyone wants to look cool and smart whatever the age may be. Age is just a number, so they say. It is only our way how we take it. And whatever we wear, just carry it with confidence and the party will be yours. Many eyes will drool over you.

There are plenty of ideas out there for women who want to look trendy at every age they hit.

I have got six ideas you may try.

1. Simple and Classy

Being elegant seems most easy. Be natural, be simple. When you touch forty, women unconsciously go for very mature look and it makes their dressing sense dull. But being at forty, it doesn’t mean you cannot look sophisticated or glamorous or in trend.

To achieve the look, wear a simple outfit. Take all the items in solid colours. A single colour makes one look more responsible. Style the outfit with a pair of stiletto strap sandals if you are wearing a western outfit. For an ethnic wear, one can go for a nice comfortable pair of sandal with heels.

2. Billowy tops over skinees

Who said if you are forty, you can’t wear skinees. Dressing maturely doesn’t mean that you have to drop the styles that are in vogue among the young generation. You can be in tune with them and look elegant. To achieve the look, you need to work towards striking a balance. The skinny jeans or trousers you pick could be accompanied with a large size top. And style the outfit with a pair of ankle boots to give an edge to the outfit. Stick with single colours. You can never go wrong with monochrome!

3. Blazers

A style statement! Wow! It is a Friday fiesta and you hit the restaurant with some friends and colleagues immediately after office and there is no time to change into party wear, Blazers works very well in the situation. Over a sleek formal dress try out a blazer for those Friday nights when you need to unwind from work. It looks great at office as well as at a suddenly planned outing.

4. Casual in a Cardigan or Shrug

As a stylish woman at forty you have to make a statement, when your dressing speaks laid back and relaxed. This is an easy combination. All you need is a pair of jeans, a ruffled T shirt or top and a cardigan or shrugs. While the top and jeans reflects the current trend, the cardigan or shrug helps to tone it down and it shows that you are in trend.

5. Accessorise less to say more

The minimal uses of accessories say more about your styling. You may even go with no accessorise. The focus is on your styling sense and one concept alone. The colours choice must be simple and solid. Go for distinct pieces if you want to accessorise. This is to help present making your dress ensemble look like one.

6. The masculine look

Masculine look shows boldness, character, and audacity. Sometimes it attracts a lot of attention and this outfit speaks strength. A black pant suit combined with white collared shirt is enough to achieve the look. However, it could be given a feminine touch with black heels and a clutch purse.

So with confidence, women can carry out trends to become fashionable. Just be classy and graceful that suits your attire, love yourself, and enjoy your DEBONAIR 40s.