Happy Independence Day

Sare jahan se acha Hindustan Humara…Humara..

Today I woke up listening to this beautiful song from my society’s loudspeakers and there couldn’t be a better start to this Independence day. I was instantly filled with the feelings of patriotism and all of a sudden my childhood memories of celebrating independence day in school, how we would enjoy the Flag Hoisting and the sweets that followed. These feeling gave me goosebumps. I brewed myself a nice cup of hot filter coffee in the morning while humming these songs. I sat by the window to enjoy the songs and went into flashback, taken over by the memories of my school days .

It’s been long years we are enjoying our nationality and freedom. Do we realize that we should act wisely and cooperative to maintain dignity of our country and to make this country beautiful by eradicating numerous political, social and health issues.

72 odd years!! High time we grew up, on’t you think? This year let’s decide to drop the religious bias.Cultivate brotherhood, healthy relationships amongst us and our neighborhood. Let’s safeguard our children and our vulnerable population and never hesitate to punish those who harm the. Children are our future citizens, so we should give each and every child a girl or a boy equal education and facilities. This should be done from toddlers age.

Let’s get on to really helping each other to clean surroundings and to make India a beautiful country, that we would be proud of.

Let ‘s vow to make India clean again, in every sense of the word. Rest everything else is a breeze to accomplish for a fabulously spirited, young and largehearted nation like ours .

Always grateful and proud to have an Indian nationality and the best values that an all-accepting richest of rich culture (which I grew up in) inculcates

Let’s be proud of being an Indian. Jai Hind!