Please save me- mother EARTH

Be the change you want to see in the world” — —Mahatma Gandhi

Earth is our mother and we are her children.We love our mother therefore, we should protect and save her.On 22nd April 2009 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring 22nd April as “International Mother Earth Day” and this year theme is “Protect Our Species.”

It mainly aims on saving species which are on the verge of extinction due to climatic change,human acts like illegal poaching, deforestation, pollution etc.

Life on Earth is blossoming and many developments are taking place as we are moving ahead towards 21st century.Humans have the prestigious title of most intelligent creation on the Earth. Gradually as human beings have stepped up the ladder of success, their needs have rised and for the sake of fulfilling their needs human has exploited the delicate balance of ECOSYSTEM.

This unbridled explortations has given a lots of unhappiness rather it has made people sad.

We are not breathing in a clean environment, facing global challenge like global warming and various issues related to it as pollution and extinction of species,fertil land, erosion of soil,food crisis or water crisis etc.

Everyone wants to move ahead in the development which exploit natural resources.

Nature is neglected everywhere and it is now on human’s shoulders to maintain our Earth.Now pure water,pure air,pure food have become unfamiliar as impurity has taken place in every area.

The road to development is being created but at the cost of destroying nature.People have destroyed our Mother Earth to reach heights of success.

Saving Earth is most important thing which everyone should know.Save Earth by saving trees,saving water,saving energy,saving natural vegetation, natural resources etc.

We should strictly obey 3Rrules(REDUCE,REUSE, RECYCLE).to crub pollution and global warming. Afforestation, Reforestation, recycling of used paper and natural products, saving of natural resources like coal,oil, minerals, energy etc should be promoted.Everyone should keep Earth safe ,clean and make it a beautiful place to live in.



1)Do not waste water,use it judiciously.Save water.

2)Share private cars,Use public transport such as bus ,metro etc .Make a car pool to go to office.Save environment and participate to reduce air pollution.

3)Use Bicycle.

4)Obey 3R rules(REDUCE,REUSE, RECYCLE).Conserve natural resources.

5)Make compost which can be used for crops.After chopping vegetables dump it in a pit or collect it in a pot if you have less space, it will be a good manure for plants.

6)Use Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)Bulbs. Save energy.

7)Do not use Heater or AC unnecessarily.

8) Switch off lights and fans if you are not in room.

9)Plant more plants and trees to reduce pollution and effect of green house gasses.

All resources (natural/man made)on Earth make your life worth Nothing will remain if our mother EARTH will scream in pain.Singing birds and dancing streams, blue sky with a beam of rays makes our mother EARTH a beautiful dream.Don’t exploit it. SAVE EARTH.