VOTING is necessary

Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.
Roald Dahl

Voting is the right given to every citizen. It is infact the power which lies in their hands to make choice and select suitable and right person/leader, who can lead the country. As a citizen we have the right to vote. It is crucial that we can express ourselves in a meaningful way and participate in a democratic exercise.
Election Commission of India was formed on January 25, 1950 and since 2011, this day has been celebrated as National Voters Day.The significance of this day is to encourage all youngsters who are 18 years old or older to actively vote in the elections and thus participate in the electoral process. We, the people, can bring a change and create a new climate of innovative ideas in the country.
Our strong opinions and concerns are very important and needed for the development and artification of a string and vibrant India.
Why am I urging everyone to vote?
Let me give some reasons which I think are very valid:-
1. First, a historical one. The struggle of Indians against Britishers and a democratic India was born with all new thoughts and visions of a new era. Many soldiers fought for it, to make it and to give us freedom so we owe it to all of them to vote, chose the right candidate as the ruling party and use our democratic participation towards our country.
2. Voting is an opportunity to express our voices about pertinent political issues. Through this we shape our future. We chose correct leaders who are committed to their good values and can contribute towards society. Poor electoral decisions made now, can cause harm for many decades to come. Voting is empowering.
3. Thirdly, voting makes you an active person, and not a mere spectator. It enables you to create a change, participate in this rambunctious and messy democracy.
4. Fourth, your opinion matters. Your vote is a declaration mark about how leaders should treat us. As we select them, they should treat the country fairly. Leaders shouldn’t take our vote for granted. Our vote is our weapon against political indifference and impunity.

5. We should vote as it is not a private right. It is a collective public resource. We contribute towards healthy democracy. It shows our dedication as a good citizen.

By voting we reserve the right to complain if things are undone. Our elected officials have to be active if they are elected for the specific posts.
With our vote, we can hold our future. Our Vote Matters!

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