A Shared Ride

It was a raining eve…dripping, trickling, pouring, people tilted their heads down a little to see him and gradually disappear under their umbrella. Roads were flooded and the spray splashed up by cars onto his body. Raindrops were looking like pearls of mist, in the dusky sky. He was tired and needed to rest, once he would reach his destination. 

Rudra was tall with some really good looks to get ogled by many girls, wearing a white shirt, black goggles in blue tight denim and a travel bag on his shoulders. He was wandering and waiting for some public transport. But he found that there was limited availability of any sort of conveyance. He had ordered an Ola share almost 40 minutes back but there was no sign of it. His mobile battery was almost exhausted so he was not able to check the current position.

Suddenly he saw the Ola cab. It seemed full of women. On the front seat, there was a middle-aged lady. In the back, there were two more women. A beautiful girl, with beautiful eyes, in a red saree was sitting in the cab beside another lady. At first glance, he wondered what she is doing on this windy and rainy evening. He offered to sit in the front seat but the lady refused to budge saying that she gets vertigo in the back seat. He sat next to the beautiful girl in the cab, leaving a little space for decency’s sake. He felt a sudden surge of excitement that he got the opportunity to sit beside this beautiful girl. The cab started towards their destination. Maybe she shared the common route, he thought. She smelled incredible. His heart was whimsical and it got his pulse racing. The light fragrance of her perfume drove him crazy in a short while. She was so beautiful with large sparkling eyes, smooth arms and ripe lustrous lips. 

Meanwhile, the other two ladies were constantly chatting loudly. The one on the front seat was cribbing about her maidservant. She had been served some bland tea in the morning and this lady was complaining that ever since she had an unpleasant taste in her mouth. In reply, the other woman was talking about her sorry story with her maidservant. IT was getting increasingly irritating for Rudra. But for the presence of the beautiful girl, who was quiet throughout, he would have jumped out of the cab. Rudra was praying that these two ladies would alight from the cab soon. And miraculously his prayers were answered! After about fifteen minutes both the chattering ladies alighted and the cab continued on its journey with Rudra and the beautiful girl.

The road was in a quite bad condition, with humps and pits. The bodies were swinging each time the speeding cab bumped in a pothole. 

Rudra asked the driver, how much time it will take to reach his destination. The cab driver replied, “two more hours!” Rudra was incredulous. The girl in red saree now spoke, “are you an outsider?” “Yes, I don’t know about this place. I have been travelling since yesterday. Still, way to go. My power bank has given up too. My phone is almost dead.” Rudra replied. She smiled a tiny smile and said, “No worries! I will guide you! That is if you want me to!” She quickly added. The cabbie suddenly braked and Rudra lost his balance momentarily and slightly brushed the girl. “Oh! I am sorry!” Such a poor condition of the road! May God bless such roads!” Their eye locked for a moment. It was the beginning of spicy chemistry.

She was breath-taking. Calm and beautiful. “Her eyes were looking like a doorway to her heart. She looks like an angel. This is the best route I have ever taken! I feel blessed to be so close to her! Just a sheer glimpse of her has energised my body. I don’t know why!” Rudra was thinking.

“Sambhavi! I am Sambhavi. I will help you if you need.”

Rudra, these potholes are just awful. Sambhavi’s head got stuck while he held her. The warmth of her body and the sweet fragrance intensified the connection. “Where do you stay in Vellore? Sambhavi asked casually. “No .. I am here for consulting at VIT. It’s still not finalised.” Rudra explained.

“OK. Then let me book a hotel for you.” Sambhavi rolled her eyes. She took out her phone and started searching for hotels. “3000 bucks it will be! Is it okay?”

“Yes! It will be wonderful!” “Booked “she confirmed with a wide smile to Rudra. She was happy that she had helped someone. Then she spoke about herself and asked him about his work. She was enjoying his company. It was a mere road journey of 2 hours but she was delighted that she had met this handsome guy. It was evident to the cab driver that something nice in the conversation was happening. He was intently eavesdropping on them. It became dark. Their conversation was flowing as if they knew each other since ages. She pressed his little finger of the leg with her own foot. Suddenly he did the same in return. For some time, there was silence. She removed her foot. He smiled as if what had happened was an accident. He liked her instincts. Sometimes their hands touched each other casually. All these gestures happened unknowingly but they felt close to each other. And then, the two hours passed as if they had just met. She was enjoying his style of love scoops

Rudra had an intense desire to kiss her that he somehow controlled as he thought it would be so awkward in the cab. 

The cab stopped. “Sir your destination has arrived!” The cabwala said giving a knowing smile.

“Rudra! Keep in touch!” She mumbled. Her rosy pink cheeks blushed. She bowed her lips as if she were giving a flying goodbye kiss! “Goodbye, Sambhavi and thanks for all the help!” 

The hotel is just a short walk away. Call me if you need anything, Sambhavi whispered. The cab driver asked him for change. Rudra paid a ₹500 note and asked him to keep the change. It was nearly 8 pm now. His heart was melting and suddenly as the cab started and moved ahead, he winked his eyes and smiled with pain and headed towards the hotel.

As he made his way towards the hotel, Rudra started smiling. All he could hear was his heartbeat pounding like the ticking of a clock. 

“Oh, God. She looks so much like Meera!” His eyes started watering again at the thought of his heartthrob whom he had lost tragically a couple of years back. “I still love you”, he murmured to himself. “Excuse me! This is for you!” A stunningly beautiful girl approached him and handed him a bouquet of four red tulips. Rudra sealed all his love in a kiss on the tulips. 

“Oh! My beautiful life! Let’s move ahead!!” An image of Sambhavi firmly lingering in his mind.

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