How to overcome tough challenges: Tips for growing kids

The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. – Denis Waitley

I would not have learnt to ride a bicycle nor even learnt to drive a car, had it not been for my father. I am saying this, as I have taken help to learn them with my self instinct. When I was a kid, my father had appointed a lean and thin boy named, Kalidas. He helped us and guide us to learn and ride the bicycle. “Us” means my brother and me.

He used to held on to the bicycle seat and steadied a while, as we rode it. We both tried our body to balance and feet to push the pedal. Within a week both of us were experts. Thanks for this upbringing now we are independent and confident.

My father always had been the one to let go of the seat. He let us ride the bicycle without any support just to enable our independent spirit.

Twice, I have rounded my car on the field. I came on the main road by driving slowly on the side of the road. I don’t remember when I came to the road with heavy traffic and zoomed up.

It was the letting go attitude of my father and the belief in ourselves that led us to learn things. To adapt to the changing environment and to new situations.

Today, I am confident to live a brave fight against my fears and to overcome tough things in life. Through my experiences here I want to share and to guide our loving ones to overcome the toughest things in life.

Life is full of tough things. Making challenges, growing up into a loving human being is the most necessary thing. Learning should be a priority in life. Learning to become a good son or daughter or a lovely spouse is no easy feat and requires years.

Learning the role of a mother is harder than anything else. So why not prepare our kids to pass through these tough things well. So that they will handle the work pressure well while growing up.

We should intend to give them those eyes which could see beyond what’s right in front of them? We should be able to train them and equip them with the tricks and tools to handle life’s hurdles.

As someone has said -Every child is unique and they just unwrap their packages at different times.

Life is a beautiful journey regardless of hurdles and puddles in our way. Focus your thoughts. Keep a view on your blessings, opportunities, and possibilities over your adversities.

Obstacles make you stronger, only the weak avoid them.”

Here are a few tips to reshape the future of the forthcoming generations. So that they will face challenges with more confidence. There are some unwitting ways in which you might be hampering the academic development of your children.

1) Be honest tell the truth

While we try to re-shape little kids, try to be honest with them and teach them to be honest. Try to become a role model. As they always look up to their parents for things. Don’t forget that you are the first teacher for them! The truth may be bitter. Yet, with time they will learn to accept this bitterness. And accept the adverse conditions. So being honest and truthful are prime things to re-shape and mend the kid’s little hearts. Learning to swim is hard and learning to play the guitar is tough. Keeping the home clean is a meticulous job .. Sure it is! But does it mean that we don’t do it?

Hard work is part of life. Utilising your time wisely. Accepting the facts and not to run away from whatever the situation be – this share with the kids.

2) Failures are lessons

Once a person asked Dr Abdul Kalam, the President of India, “What is the easiest and most difficult thing in life?”. Dr Kalam replied “Mistakes”. Easy to judge when others do it and difficult to realise when we do it.

Children will make mistakes in life from which they will realize.

Let them be free and do mistakes. And learn from them. Make your home training ground for their life. Home is a place where our children are loved unconditionally. Without comparing or judging their performance. They are loved deeply and it is the safest place to fall, again and again, only to rise once more!

As the supplier of healing pads and band-aids, the mama may get worried. Her natural tendency will be to smooth out all the rough spots. To continue holding on to their bicycle seats for a good long ride. To see them become a champion, but this does not help the child in the long run.

In the face of cut-throat competition of this frenzied world, a child who has always been assisted will not be able to fight them.

Learning their lessons would be the toughest part for the child. Give the child to face a challenge to crash and to burn with them in the situation so that they would learn to rise again.

3) Train Them

Train your children to do tough things intentionally. Try to take a big challenge as a family. Help your kids to take part in conversations to face the situation. Train them to sacrifice which even lots of grown-ups would not be able to do. Teach them to apologise when they inadvertently do the wrong things. Create a new environment in which they can practice such things. Make sure you adopt the same things in your life so that they see you doing the same.

When your home needs to be clean, both you and your spouse should work for it. Let your children also help. Let them do simple tasks like folding their clothes. Wiping the floor clean, cleaning their rooms and bookshelves. These little things will teach them about organising the home. Also, helping each other makes the work easier. They do learn to share and caring. If they do their work reasonably neatly, you may reward them for a job well done. Slowly they will learn to value hard work and perform hard things well. In this process, your home will also be speckless clean!

4)Endow them with fearlessness

I remember our physics teacher. He was good in physics but who seemed to think physics was easy. That may have been easy for him, but it did not change the fact that it was NOT easy for me. Ever. I fought for my physics grades. It never got easy. I was able to learn the principals and formulas well enough to get through it and avoid it for the rest. I started fearing physics and finally opt-out. Due to fear, I couldn’t understand physics. I wondered as my physics teacher as equipped with a flare gun shot the elongated formulas. He drallall of us into a wonderland of queries.

So, fear is the greatest enemy. Endow your child with courage. Encounter fear- flight it – face it challenge things and eat away tensions to be a winner.

5) Self-dependent

It is most important to make your children self-dependent. Let them perform tasks by themselves and let them believe in their selves. Make them independent to perform various kinds of stuff. Let them make decisions. Let them do their things. For example, let them eat themselves. Quite a few of mothers pamper their children by feeding them, sometimes forcefully. Remember, the child will not starve. So let them decide their appetite and capacity to have a full tummy. Likewise, let them pack their school bags, take bath. Yes definitely they will fail the first time. Have patience they will perform everything perfectly with practice. Just be with them. Help them. But don’t overdose your love for them. It will eventually hamper their growth and self-confidence. They need care and affection but overdosage of anything is harmful.

There are Five more essential tips for Positive Parenting.

Let us pray for our children. Be a role model for them. To give them every opportunity. Encourage them to face challenges. Watch them become a winner in their life as they throw their arms up in the air to celebrate!

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