The sun was setting on the purple pink orange horizon. Pritish was busy in the kitchen, a row of pies sat cooling on the wire racks. “It is done! Yeah! I can have it before I can go for a ride on the shore.” Pritish was a cool guy. He was fun loving, yet generous and modest.
After having food, I locked the door and walked towards the beach. I like full moon nights on the beach. As I reached the beach, the waves were crashing on to the shore with the rising tide. Drops of salt water hit my feet. I walked through the soft sand; overhead birds were flying to their nests, and the wind was whooshing everywhere with the sound of tides as they were moving fast.
I reached the boat. I wanted to launch it into the water. Suddenly, a hand helped me. I turned and looked up, “Shall I help you?” A pretty young girl looked into my eyes and giggled, “Amy! I am Amy! I saw you were not able to do it alone. So, I came to help you.” Amy came closer and we both dragged the boat into the sea. “Do you want to come with me?” asked Pritish. “Yes! I shall if you allow me to join you! Can I know your name?”
“Absolutely dear! I am Pritish! Stay as long as you like my company. I don’t mind!” I took her on the boat. Amy couldn’t imagine a more adventurous and wonderful day than this.
A wave of cool air engulfed me. I have always loved such blue horizons, water everywhere. Amy tucked her hair, behind her ears and paused for a second. She inhaled deeply. “It is so beautiful! Everything looks divine.” “Can I get you something, miss?” I asked her by flashing my best smile. Her piercing blue eyes were twinkling and sparkling with excitement. “No! Nothing!” She smiled showing a deep level of happiness and contentment. Many thoughts were bubbling in my mind. I was staring at the horizon. The sun was still creating myriad colours on the horizon. It was a beautiful sight that brewed emotions, deep inside me. I felt Amy’s warm, soft hands slip into mine. I saw, that she too was watching the sunset and the sea. Suddenly, I found myself staring at the most sensual creature alive, Amy.
Amy was wearing a half linen white shoulder top that had been tied in a single knot at the back of her neck and a printed blue skirt that reached till her knees. Her beauty was more revealing with her sense of dressing and my eyes were stuck to her .
Her face was glowing with myriad colours. Her eyes had a sparkle of naughtiness. Her lips were moist and smooth and covered with red lipstick. They begged for my kiss, I wondered. Everything about her was so appealing. I found myself completely enraptured by her beauty. Till now, I had not noticed her carefully. But now, standing close to her, I found her so lively. Her smiles and laughter were unlike anything on earth. I felt attracted towards her like a magnet. I felt addicted to her genuineness and simplicity. I just watched and thanked almighty to have such a blissful moment, where I could cherish each second of time.
We chatted and became familiar and comfortable with each other as the sun bid us goodbye at the horizon.
“Let’s go inside our cabin, it has become dark.” “That would be great”, Amy nodded in agreement. “Let’s have a cup of strong coffee!” Every time she spoke a tingling sensation ran up my spine. Amy was hot. She was hotter than the cup of strong coffee. The cabin was decorated with roses and ice-cream cone shaped dim lights. “It is so beautiful inside,” Amy said while sipping coffee. She looked at me and our gaze locked. Despite cool air conditioning I felt, the temperature inside the cabin just shot up. My heart was racing like a horse in a derby. At that moment, I knew, what I wanted – Her!!! But what should I do? Do I dare to make the first move and risk losing her forever? I gathered courage for the moment.
“I am glad that you enjoyed my company!” I said nervously and slowly leaned closer to her. She was aware of it as if she was greeting for my embrace. Suddenly, Amy gathered her courage, stepped on her tiptoes came closer and planted a soft kiss on my cheeks. “Thanks for everything, I loved it!” she said. “Amy, you know, I love you!”
I wrapped my hands around her and enveloped her in my arms. I gently tilted her head back and leaned forward to meet those God sent lips with mine. He shiny lips were shivering. I could feel her as I gently kissed her. I let my hands fall around her waist and pulled her body into mine. She responded by putting her arms around my neck. We kissed deeply and passionately. I felt the warmth of her body. There was a sweet fragrance from her body, intoxicating me even more. I came closer to her. My first kiss, the kiss of passion, I kissed Amy! It was heavenly! My fingers moved to her neck, where I released the knot that held her top. I started kissing deeper n deeper, . She pulled me towards her and we hugged . As the night grew, the full moon gave a soft light. With the lyrical tones of the sea waves, we kissed and made love for hours. Our hearts pounded and our bodies throbbed with passion. She closed her eyes and we could feel the warmth of each other’s breath. We held each other for hours in a tight embrace with a sigh of contentment. I played with her blonde hair, mesmerised by it. The night was complete. When I woke up with the cool breeze of the dawn, I looked at Amy’s face, cuddled in my arms. I knew that from today onwards my world would be a better place to live. I had got my love.
The boat reached the shore. “Amy! Let’s get back to my place. Let me take some drinks and we will go.”
We spent some blissful moments together. I felt beautiful, loved and desired.
Amy had a quizzical smile on her face and nodded her head. I went hurriedly and picked up cans of beer and came back.
“Amy! Amy! Where are you, Amy?” I called out loud many times. But she was nowhere to be seen.
I saw two fishermen coming. “Sir whom are you searching for?”
I narrated them everything. “Oh, sir! She must be that girl whose soul is still wandering here for her soul mate. A few years back a newly married couple came here to spend their honeymoon on this beach. One night a horrific tide engulfed the sweet girl and some people say that they see her on full moon days. See this! That was their fate before beginning a life their desires were dumped into this sea. I turned numb! My mouth was dry in dread, my legs were shivering and sweat erupted on my forehead.
That night, while lying on my bed, I was not able to sleep. I got up and went to the garden area to cool my unwelcoming thoughts. I sat on the swing in the garden contemplating. Suddenly, I hear a faint noise in the rear. Turning back I saw a figure, Amy! She was walking towards me. I didn’t know why but I was expecting her arrival, a premonition!
Amy came near me and stood silently. There was a faint smile on her face. She seemed as if she floated away.
“Amy! It’s you!”
“Where were you dear?”
“I love you!” I kept my hands on her neck and kissed her soft pink lips. I could smell her fragrance and breathe deeply. I just kept on kissing her all over.
“Please come back. I was so alone without you, my sweetheart! Please come back!”
“Darling! I love you too”
I couldn’t hold my tears which were welling up from my broken heat.
She held me as if I felt everything. Neither of us spoke, the moment spoke everything.
That night in the garden and from the illumination from the streets I could see her face, looking like an angel. I was emotionally drained out and with a teary eye. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and buried her face into my chest, listening to the rhythmic beat of my heart and letting it heal her soul. She unfolded my palm and placed something in it. It was our wedding ring. She kissed me passionately. I was about to hold her but she moved away as if she gained an eternity of love. Drizzling drops fell into my eyes. With a flash of blink, I was left again alone with tears in my eyes.She is my Amy ,my love,my wife oh! again I lost her.

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