Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water alias “Nariyal Pani” in Hindi is a miracle drink. Everyone knows about it. A green young coconut which has soft fleshy cream (copra) i.e coconut pulp fill inside with coconut water in it. Coconut water is a clear liquid which has a sweet and nutty flavour. Don’t get confused between coconut milk and coconut water. Coconut water is clear liquid found inside of green coconuts. Whereas coconut milk is made from water and flesh inside of a mature coconut. Over 95 % of coconut water is water.It has lauric acid in it which treats acne, fresh copra (flesh of the coconut)heals wounds.Around the world, it is found in tropical areas. It is sometimes given as ceremonial gifts in these regions. Since centuries people are consuming coconut water. In India, it is very popular in coastal areas. These areas are gifted with plenty of coconut trees.We can have coconut water at any time of the day, there is no such perfect time to drink coconut water. But if we add this to our daily routine on certain timings it will be more beneficial mainly on health ground.

1) MORNING INTAKE – It contains lauric acid. If we take it empty stomach early in the morning, it enhances the metabolism of our body and boosts our immunity. It also helps in weight loss and in fighting fatigue and exhaustion.

2) PREGNANCY– Pregnant women are often advised to take Coconut water. It fights dehydration and constipation , that they commonly suffer during pregnancy. It helps relieve from morning sickness and heartburn.

3)PRE and POST MEAL-Taking a glass full of coconut water before a meal will make you full. This prevents from overeating. It works wonderfully for treating diarrhoea. It acts as digestive, low in calories (only 45 calories in a cup). It prevents bloating after meals. It contains less sugar and carbohydrates than other juices.Presence of potassium helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance in our body. So, when it is added to our daily routine it controls blood pressure and improves digestion.

4)BEFORE GOING TO BED-If we take it before going to bed, it flushes out all the toxins and clean our urinary tract, prevents kidney problems, kidney stones and infections. In Ayurveda, it is believed to enhance semen production.The pleasant aroma of coconut is known to have a psychological effect. It controls anxiety and slows down our heart rate, presence of antioxidants prevents from oxidative stress and calms the mind.

5) BEFORE or AFTER WORK OUT- Staying hydrated is one of the most important things during the workout for athletes. Coconut water is a great natural sports drink. It mainly hydrates our body, gives energy during a workout. It is low in carbs and sodium which helps in long workouts. The electrolyte in coconut water treats muscle cramps. After workouts, this helps in replenishing the lost electrolytes while workout session. It is one of the best energy-boosting drinks.
6)CURE HANGOVER– Dehydration is caused due to intake of alcohol which leads to headache and nausea the next morning. coconut water helps to restore the electrolytes which are lost in the body and makes you feel better.
Coconut water is a power packed drink, rich in minerals and electrolytes like potassium, manganese, vitamin C, Calcium and dietary fibres. Calcium promotes bone health of our body. Its a nutritious and refreshing drink which has swept off the nation.Coconut water wards off cancer by cytokinins which are found in coconut water. It has anti-ageing properties, it’s a blessing in every way.It contains L-arginine (compound knowns for its antidiabetic property). L-arginine reduces blood glucose levels in diabetes. So it’s wise to add coconut water in diabetes meal. It contains fibre and low carbs ,which make it perfect for a diabetic person. They are recommended for unsweetened coconut water. Package coconut water may contain artificial sweeteners. So, one should be aware of before consuming.
How much coconut water can you take in a day?: Why do we need to keep a check on the amount of coconut water we consume in a day?If a person has high potassium levels and is taking eight-ounce bottles of coconut water in a single day, he may suffer from abnormal heart rhythms. This may lead to temporary unconsciousness. Excess intake may lead to severe hyperkalemia (potassium toxicity).One coconut yields about 206 gms of water. Kidney disease persons or diabetic persons must take care before consuming it. Having one coconut in 2 days is idle for such persons yes of course after consulting doctor. There is no upper limit of taking coconut water but precaution is always better than cure.

Let’s have a recipe to make this more exciting.

Ingredients: 1.Lemon Juice and lime juice 2 tbsp each2.Coconut water 1/2 cup3.Honey 1tbsp4.Grated ginger 1/2 teaspoon 5.Sea Salt a pinch

Method: 1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender.2. Serve it or you can store it up to 2 weeks.
Best coconut to buy: 1. Shake and gauge the coconut water content.Go for a green fresh coconut. Young green ones contain more water Hard brown shell indicates it’s maturity.Enjoy a fresh, refreshing green coconut every day. It just doesn’t quench our thirst, it is a miracle drink which has got lots of benefits.

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