10 super ways to spend time in Corona lockdown

We are always running against time. A machine like life. A fast one. It is always controlled by the unceasing tick – tock of the two hands of the clock. As the deadly coronavirus has knocked down our zones, we remain confined to our homes, so as to protect ourselves from getting infected. As a precautionary measure, the Govt has closed all schools, colleges, public places and restricted all public gatherings.

These times look frustrating. But they need not be so. Let us utilise our precious time and make it wonderful and special. Let’s enjoy this de facto state of forcible staycation!

Let us make it happen! We can plan out and create lot of things even in these constrained circumstances to make it worthwhile to spend our time at home.

Here are ten simple ideas to do around the house as now we should avoid the crowds.

Let’s join our hands and help each other by supporting our Government, which is forced to take these drastic steps to prevent the spread of this dreaded Coronavirus.

1. Explore your garden.


Do you have some space for a garden? Even a tiny bit? Or a terrace? Or even a balcony? This is the first question which comes to boggle our mind when we think of gardening. Believe me, you can create your own garden, atleast an area for potted plants which gives immense joy. Thankfully, the internet is on and we can use myriad apps and youtube videos to enhance whatever space we have into a lovely garden. Plants are stress removers and negativity absorbers. When a flower blooms or a vegetable sprouts or a plant takes firm roots, it feels divine! The hard work pays. Learn new techniques and cultivate in your own backyard, nurture your own happiness. The seeds of hope you sow shall give you immense satisfaction.

2. Create a craft.


Creativity is one of the gifts to humanity and it creates a space for itself. It could be time to make those bangle boxes for your mom or special friend. Or it could be a painting whose idea has always been in your head. It is time to give shape to those now! There are literally thousands of crafts that can be done. Inspiration can be had from google or Pinterest.

3. Kids Time.


At last we can spend quality time with our little wonders. Being a working mother I do harbour a pang that I am not giving enough time to my kid. We all mothers do think alike in this regard – whether right or wrong. So it is family time with lots of laughter. The more the merrier, isn’t it? It is time to become kids with the kids. Break the frozen ice and live your childhood again with your little one. Family always comes first and relish each moment with them.

4. Cuddle up with books and blogging

Some kids find reading interesting but lot of kids do not relish reading. This is the perfect time to introduce age appropriate literature and stories to the children. Cultivate the habit of reading in them. For sure it will enhance stability and calmness in them. Reading out stories to toddlers will touch their gentle souls and evince a sense of wonder in them. E – books are solution now as having physical books may not be feasible when the shops are in lock down mode. Reading also helps stimulate writing.

You can write for yourself, start a blog.Express yourself ,your happiness and sorrows,pen down your own thoughts truely saying it gives you a content feeling.Write for your child or for the world.

So, hunker down with you child !

5. Cooking

Cooking is fun and it can be mde into a great team activity among your family members. Plan out a recipe, make a team and prepare authentic mouth watering savouries. You can mke pickles, jams, cakes or cookies! With a pinch of salt and spices make the best for your family. Eating the cooked food can be made into a great heart warming ritual too where everyone sits together to have the meal. Love grows. Of course it grows!

6. Old is gold


We do miss our school life. Still we can meet out besties and hang out to relish the golden memories. But only this time, hangout online – make a group video call with all your besties and enjoy your school days all over again! You can make a group call to relatives and long forgotten cousins too. Time to rebuild those bridges! Treasure each moment as they are precious!

7. Learn a new language


There is no such age for learning. What with apps like Duolingo its now super easy and fun to learn a new language. It teaches it in an intuitive way too. Also it is time to duat off those old vocabulary books and improve it by learning 3 new words everyday – just as the English teach used to say way back in school. Turn each word into a painting and make flashcards. Make a list of words you are learning and bask in your glory!

8. Shoot your boots or just rockon

Practice makes a man perfect. So… Shoot your boots … If not perfect, no worries … Just rockon! Sing aloud and tap your heels. Music heals our soul. You may decide on a theme and start your own youtube channel! Smart phones are good enough for this task. But do remember to tweak your privace controls. You may pick up a long forgotten guitar or keyboards left because of lack of time and start practicing again!

9. Movie marathon

Oh! My my … Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney plus and so many more! You must draw up a list of movies to see and plan watching them with your family or .. even alone! Treat yourself with home made popcorns while you turn your home into a personal movie hall! Sounds like a perfect day .. isn’t it?

10. Yoga and Meditation

Heal your soul. It will increase your concentration and your immunity to fight anh disease. Again youtube videos are a saviour. Start with simple asaanas and then go up to the level of your comfort.
So my dear homemakers and working moms, stay hygienic, stay calm during this unusual lock down period and it will pass like a breeze. It will leave you with a happier and healthier family too!

Pic credit: unsplash.com