Be at home!Be safe..


“Hello!How are you Ma?Is everything fine?”Ayushman beta have to come for 15days, we have fixed Binay’s marriage on 25th April next month ,we will do it at homewith a small gathering ,cops will not be aware of this,your father will deal with them”mother said.

“Tell Sapna to be there for all preparations prior to marriage ask your madam in advance to give leave her for 15days ,she would look for someone else to cook, yehh!! one more thing today is the day of Navratri why don’t you come with Sapna ,Mata came in my dream that this world is going to finish if we don’t worship her in this corona period.We should ask her to heal.Come home “.

Ayushman looked at Sapna..”Ah!! ..yes Ma ,I will talk with Sapna and let you know”.

“Ayush !how can we go?Why don’t you tell them the situation .It’s lockdown everywhere and they are celebrating,Mata will not be angry don’t worry,she will cure all,It’s not time to go out,I will do pooja at home”.Sapna said furiously.

Look Sapna my mother is asking help so go and talk to your madam to leave us, before she say some reason make her understand that we need to go .I don’t know anything by today ‘s evening inform her.Ayushman said in a goofy tone.

Sapna nodded everything.But she knew what’s the situation ,her madam made her aware of all things by sharing her videos or through tv news channels.But no one from her house was believing.

“Ayushman! why don’t you understand ,It’s not madam, it’s about the people ,we must think about all.How can we be aloof ,do such things hiding to cops about these things .We all will be behind bars if we do not abide rules”.

Sapna was disturbed as her family was not listening to her nor they are concern of the situation .

“Sapna beta ! make some coffee ” it was Ayushman’s father at the door.

How come he is here.why don’t they understand the meaning of lockdown.Oh! Lord why they are not understanding the situation.If iam saying ,iam becoming thier enemy.Sapna was tensed’up making coffee and thinking about how to handle her family.

Sapna made coffee and she came with some crunchy snacks she made last evening.

Oh nice! Make these during marriage everyone will cherish her father in law sipped the coffee.

“Papa! Please don’t misunderstand me.Do you know the situation? Why you are going for the marriage next month.This is a crucial phase.Everywhere there is lockdown.We should obey our government and stick to the rules.Please don’t come out of the house,don’t misunderstand me but the situation demands.Oldage people’s immunity system is less as compared to younger ones so avoid all these atleast for time being.See,if we break the rules ,we will suffer afterwards.Corona virus is communicable and it’s transmitted through person to person.We should avoid all big gathering , and God will never get angry ,we are her children ,when her children are in bad phase ,she will help them out .Whole world is in taurma.Don’t you feel that”.Sapna begged before him.

Ayushman was looking at her.He was a bit angry that Sapna was against his family ‘s wish she was saying what her madam has taught her… He switched on the tv .They all watched news.Same things were there in every news channel.”Oh god!when the situation will normalise.”Ayushman surfed all channels quickly .

“It’s a panic situation.nobody has taught me. Watch the latest news updates,how can you be so naive, moreover madam told me not to come back here again during this lockdown if I leave this place”.Sapna murmured.

Ayushman looked at Sapna “and you say she is a nice lady ahhaha!! Now I can know her ,what people are saying about her, she is absolutely a cruel lady,I can’t understand why you like her.You stay here, I will leave this place very soon”.

Sapna was aware of everything but she was in a dillema how to make all of them understand of the situation.

Many of us are fortunate enough to have our basic needs and more. However there are people in remote villages with no access to necessities, people who survive on daily wages, uncertain about the future and if they will have another meal.
People are working on the front lines to keep us all going. This is the time to stand with them in solidarity and contribute in the best way we can.

Sapna told both of them..

It was of no use ,she realised .
Her father narrated his market gossips and how they can kick corona back to China.All rumours and gossips he shared with Ayushman.

“We are going to have a small get together before marriage with few people from our locality.Nobody will know,don’t worry everything will be inside our house. I will deal with cops.So, you both come and help your mother”.Sapna’s father in law sipped the left over coffee and gave details about the items to be made and guests list.

Sapna was feeling pain inside that why people are not concious and they are not concern about others.Her voice was of no use.Ayushman was his father’s favourite and no one can ever come in between their decisions.


“Yeah !!What happened Uma”? Ayushman’s father answered the call.

“Listen, there was call from Maya, she needs help.They went for a party yesterday , although there were few members ,one of them got positive report today for corona virus.Health officers are putting all others in quarantine”.O lord! Our daughter will be in quarantine.Why this happened with my family ?I have always prayed you.I will donate 121 ladoos lord at temple please cure my family”.She sobbed.

“Ohh!! How this happened? This is nothing , a mere virus , don’t worry , I will be there, everything will be alright, Ayushman ! Take out your bike ,we have to go”..

“Papa, what will we do there ,rather talk to Uma console her,It’s complete lockdown ,we can’t go so far”? Ayushman said

“Papa, it’s complete lockdown.Nothing can be done now.Thats what I was telling , Uma di should have taken care before attending this party.When we know everything ,why we don’t obey the orders and it is effecting world wide, when it’s there on tv ,why we people are not behaving or accepting the current situation.We should avoid social gatherings, parties etc.Now we have to wait for 14days,hope that Uma di will come back healthy”..

Ayushman hold his father, “papa please take care don’t come out of house.Whatever Sapna used to tell ,I used to make fun of her but now when my own sister is suffering I could able to know now”.

They all looked at eachother, now prayers can heal our world.Let’s be with eachother ,follow rules ,maintain social distance ,do all the needful .


Let’s not create a panic situation.Be at home.Be safe.