Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun – 1

Rahul: Hey! What’s up? Rahul here!Tanya: Hi! Nothing new! Tell me how are you?

Rahul: Sorry I couldn’t call you back. I was busy with some patients.

Tanya: Ya! Ya! You are practically always busy! 

Rahul: C’mmon!!! Really I was stuck yaar. Well this time it was a lady patient. Rahul winked.

Tanya: I don’t understand why all women friendzone you. 

Rahul: Nah! She was a patient.

Tanya: Or a girlfriend?!!! Some old foreign returned!!! Ahha!! Ofcourse you are honest, handsome, tall and fair. But .. you are not my kind!

Rahul: But Miss Senorita .. I want to be in your zone!

Tanya: Nay! We haven’t met yet Rahul! It’s that we were in the same school and same class for four years! Can you imagine? How long back that was?

Rahul: So let’s meet, Miss Senorita!

Tanya: Don’t trust me babe. Who knows I would be a killer now ..! A serial killer! Hey! Do you still remember that serial Karamchand and Kitty duo? It used to be our favourite, back in school.

Rahul: Babe, I would really love to be killed by this killer! Come on! Let’s meet! If the killer is adorable, I can do anything! And I promise, I am not one to be killed without a fight! Tanya: … umm .. Don’t flatter! Let’s plan!

Rahul: Oh Tanya! You sound so lovely. Mesmerising voice. I just can’t stop imagining your face!

Tanya: Hey again! Stop! I have to rush!

Rahul: Everyone you meet is not a coincidence. So we both are now pieces if a puzzle. Lets try to solve this puzzle together! … Bye… Hope to see you soon!

Tanya: … Bye! Rahul kept his phone back. He held his pillow and cuddled himself in the bed. 

“Yes! It’s been years since I have seen her! But I remember she was the most beautiful girl in the class. I can still imagine her soft beautiful face. Her lips with pink tinge. She used to aply a mild lip balm on her lips to moisturise her lips. And they used to glister like pearls. Her smooth milky white complexion made her look like an angel. And her untied hair which used to fly over her face and made it look even more lovely. She was my benchmate. I can still feel the gentle aroma wafting from her. Often our bodies used to brush against each other and I can feel her warmth even now!

To be continued….part 2