Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun – 2

The sound of the beautiful waves crashing up against the shore. Tanya could smell the serene saltwater and feel the cool breeze. She brushed her straight hair with her bare fingers. She was waiting anxiously for Rahul. She had finally decided to have lunch with Rahul. She had not yet envisioned their relationship. They were definitely friends. She definitely felt attracted to him. But she was not sure whether it was something more than friendship. “He is so perfect. It is hard to believe!” The thoughts were wavering in her mind. Then, she saw Rahul walking confidently towards her, and beaming his charming wide smile.“Huh! Senorita, at last, we met here! This is the magical place …” He tailed off and Tanya smiled shyly.

“How could you appeal to so many girls into your court, Mr Fixbit?!” Tany grinned.

“Look you are here!” Rahul leaned his chair a bit closer to her. The luminescence of his blue eyes behind the glasses sent a shiver down her spine, through her body. She felt strangely electrified and invigorated.

Tanya was a strong, confident woman. Yet this was a new feeling for her. It had happened so suddenly. She must have blushed. Rahul asked, “Is everything alright?” She thought, “ I am unsure, not my usual self. I am being literally blown off by this cool handsome man!” Rahul looked directly into her eyes, “Its just Us“! Tanya, I am waiting for you, for years! I love you! You are so perfect! You are so beautiful. Just absolutely stunning. Just for me. Believe me. Yes, I had girlfriends but I have never felt this way ever before!” For the first time, these ordinary words sounded bewildering for Tanya. She wanted to believe the words. It was all sounding like a dream and she was no longer aware of her surroundings, the crowded restaurant, the splashing of the waves, the busy traffic on the Marine Drive. All these became blurred and only the handsome visage of Rahul stayed in sharp focus in front of her eyes.

“I love you, babe!” Rahul held Tanya’s hand gently and then firmly. He pulled her and planted a little kiss on her hand. Tanya closed her eyes as if she wanted to capture this moment forever in her eyes. The warmth of Rahul’s hands was giving her goosebumps. Their fingers were intertwined, on the table. An absolutely wonderful feeling. Innocently holding hands like two little children. They stared into each other’s eyes and the moment lasted a lifetime. Snaking his arms around her, That tickles, huh!?” Rahul asked with a mischievous smile. Tanya nodded with a smile. “You make me go crazy Tanya! Like those butterflies go crazy on the blooming flowers! I am in love with you my girl!” Rahul asked in an inquisitive tone. “Do you, as well …..?” He left the question hanging in the air. Tanya nodded. Lacing her fingers through his. It was all satisfying. A blessed feeling. They ordered some fresh fruit juice and sat talking for hours. Bringing back memories of their school days.

Hey! Do you remember? We both were backbenchers and how we used to snack on those Chocobars?” Tanya asked in a whisper her voice heavy with emotion.

“You used to eat them all!” Rahul retorted and laughed.

“Oh my gosh! It’s gotten so late! I have to rush back to my workplace for an important meeting!” Tanya said while stroking his cheeks with her fingers.

Rahu stood up and planted a peck on her forehead. She squeaked, “Goodbye honey!” He smiled.

Tanya hurried back to the office. She was getting late. “Oh, Apologies! Gentlemen, I was stuck in a jam!” Tanya opened the door and before anyone could murmur, she began speaking confidently, “So let us see our product …”.

A faint smile appeared on her face. It was a long discussion about a new product. Tanya glanced fleetingly at her watch. It was almost Six.

“Let us plan a presentation on today’s meeting guys!” Tanya interrupted, “Let us pack up! Its already Six and it’s a Friday! I am sure all of us want to catch up with something! So we should all peel off now! Fix a date and an agenda. And let us not make it long guys!” Tanya jotted some points in her diary and sipped hurriedly her coffee which had turned cold now.

Her phone buzzed. “Hey, Rahul! What’s up?!” She slid the keypad and left the cabin for home while talking with Rahul.

Can’t stop thinking about you ,your eyes they are so mesmerizing..miss you yaar!Rahul murmured kissing the mouth piece of you jaan….

“Just going back,Where are you?Tanya asked

“In your heart”Rahul whispered, and kissed the phone…

To be continued part 3..