Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun – 5

Two red lines. She opened another Pregacare. To check again. Again two firm red lines greeted her. There was no symptoms, how can this be? Tanya was at total whirlwind of emotions. Her heart beat sizzled. She thought that sheer exhaustion made her feel low. She came out from the washroom and searched for her mobile.She dailed Rahul’s number. It was switched off! “Pick up Rahul”, Tanya muttered. But to no avail. She took a deep breath. She told herself to calm down. But her mind revolted and repeated, “Tanya, you are pregnant!” she paced about the flat overlooking the Bandra bandstand. She had been sharing this flat with Rahul for a couple of months now. Since they came back from Munnar. She looked out of the balcony, the morning sun was shining harshly and the Arabian Sea was energetically splashing against the sea front. She took another deep breath and walked to the kitchen. She put the water on for coffee and called out to Alexa. “Play some romantic songs of Dev Anand!” Tania poured the black coffee. She sniffed the aroma and thought to herself how tactical everything seemed to be. When one had something to live for. She carried her coffee to the old stuffed armchair next to her window, sat down and looked outside the window. Equation change in all relationship, we are in live-in relationship. How to deal with this pregnancy now. As the caffeine hot her a sensation of happiness overtook her. She relaxed. She thought about how they had spent thier days together, loving each other. She clinging to his chest, leaning against him and he caressing her body. She smiled thinking of their past two months. And then it struck her. The first time, in Munnar. They were in so much hurry that they didn’t bother with the protection. So that must have been the one! She reminisced about the evening on their first day in Munnar. Rahul had come back from his conference early. It was still afternoon and the sun was lighting up the green hillsides of Munnar. They had quickly changed and went for a walk. A small path led to the nearest Tea garden. The mud path got narrower and narrower and were walking in a single file. Rahul ahead and behind him Tanya holding his hand firmly. It was looking like some Bollywood movie of the 70s. They met a few lady tea garden workers who were nimbly plucking the leaves and putting them in their basket. They smiled at this lovely couple and called out something in Tamil. Soon they were away from any sign of human life. It was only the vast tea gardens on the hill side. They sat on a rock. Holding each other’s hands. No words were need. They just soaked up the scenery. Suddenly both of them said together, “Never saw tea gardens before!” And they both said, “Bingo!” and started laughing. There reverie was broken by the sudden appearance of black clouds and thundering. They ran to the main road to escape the downpour. By the time they reached the tiny tea stall both of them were drenched, drips and drops of rains made them wet.. For a single moment the time stopped. They didn’t care the people around them. It was just …Rahul and Tanya. He pulled her into a tea stall. “Tanu… you are the half that made me whole… You complete me”. The drops of rain dripping from her face were making her face looked pleasing. Rahul wiped her face and cheeks, ensuring not a single drop is left on her face. There was hot chai brewing. The chaiwala smiled and offered them tea. As they sipped their tea, the chaiwala started telling about Munnar in broken Hindi. He talked about how the British built these tea gardens. He said there were wild elephants around. This seemed to scare Tanya. The downpour stopped as abruptly as it had begun. They made their way back to the hotel, completely soaked in rain. Soaked in emotions and love for each other. Rahul locked the door, “Do you know, Tanya, my mom used to say raindrops are happy tears of snow”, he smiled to her. Music of rain drops can still be heard from outside, Rahul asked her hand for a dance. “Love always comes with surprises” Tanya could smell his peppermint breath, as he was close to her.They both danced crazily around the room, suddenly Rahul lifted Tania “O uch!!!” Tania said. He roam around the room kissing her passionately. He nibbled her lips as she moaned.

” Oh! Tanu once more moan for me babe” Tania wrapped him by his neck and leaned her herself in his chest. Aahhh !!!! She groaned. “I can’t take it Tania, you are so beautiful, so divine, I want to taste every iota of yours. I want to suck every inch of your body, want to give you pleasure , I need your love Tanu you make me crazy”. Rahul bounced her body. Those wet hair which were lying on his hands were set to make him victim of love. The flashes of lightning shine against her face making her more adorable. “Hey! Promise me you will be always mine, after this. I want you forever Rahul..” Tanya whispered huskily by his ears. She glared at him.

“I promise” Rahul softly kissed her eyes. She hid her face at the crook of his neck, liking the perfume he was smelling.They were closer and their adrenaline started pumping, heart beat increased. Rahul’s finger felt like fire upon her skin, “Pull me into your den Rahul ” Tanya whispered. Rahul licked her ear and he took her to bedroom, gently slipped her to the bed she caught a pillow next to her and covered her face with it, she was blushing.He nuzzled the hard nub through her sleeveless shirt, her white lacy leg bands was visible below her pants, her tight thighs were breathtaking. He pulled his shirt, and unbuckled his pant. He ws naked now. A strong and masculine man, he looked so wonderful, manly. She crawled onto him and brushed her thumb all over his body. He became wild. He ran his hands all over her bottom and down along her legs in one long caress.She sighed very softly. Her toes curled in pure ecstasy. She closed her eyes to feel the intense. His arms wrapped her and held her tightly, while both of them kissing. He rubbed hands on her back. His fingers stopped at her bra clip, and he tried to pulled away …”May I ?” He asked quitely, Tania shyly nodded slightly. He smiled and pressed his lips on her once again tasting her flavor all over again. He was so gentle and it ached her for wanting him more. They looked into each other’s eye, he undid the clasp and slipped her bra, He held her more tightly. They were so close their body sensation could be felt by each other. Her murmurs and moans made him crazier. He slipped in between her legs, pressing himself harder this time on her. He growled deeply into her den. she allowed his hardness to go inside her deeper. She moaned loudly as she felt him. A cocoon of love encased their embraces as he smoothly entered her. They broke apart. All sweaty and exhausted. The candles flickered as the thunderstorms continued. That night their body became one. And the shadows on the walls were a witness of their pure love. Silence was broken by their moans, groan of desires. That night was really special. They reached climax. It was a like a fantasy. “You really make me happy my girl, you are so gorgeous babe..I’m so lucky to have you.” Rahul smiled. Tanya laid her head on his arms, cuddled him. A blush crept on her cheeks. “Goodnight my princess! I love you so much. Sweet dreams.” Rahul kissed her forehead. It was like a dream, a dream that was too wonderful to wake up.

To be continued….part -6