Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun – 6

She switched on the computer, to start some official work, and turned her music player on, placed a record on the turntable. She was happy with the news that “she is pregnant” she wanted to give him a surprise.


“Hello Aniket! What’s up now?”

“Ma’am we need to hire someone to make a video clip on some basic informations that we need to share with our staff.” Aniket needed help for their recent project.

“So why don’t you try out, you are so good at it.”Tania said.

“’am but I need you for guidance, can you come ?” Aniket said.

Tania was thinking about it, just the bell door bell rang..courier boy gave her a letter which she received and signed in the recieving form. “Thanks” she smiled and closed the door.

It’s Rahul’s call letter Woahhhh!!!!!


Rahul came back, he saw the door was locked. He searched for the duplicate keys ” there it is” Rahul entered the house. It was all dark.

He switched on all lights and calledup Tania.


“Where are you?” Rahul questioned, ” You have not told me about your plans , I was in OT. I saw your missed calls now. You should have messaged.”

“Oh! Rahul I was in a hurry, I forgot. Take out food from fridge , Aniket needed me so I planned to come here”. Tania said.

Suddenly Rahul got annoyed . Aniket !! Ahhaaa!!!! Again…So, you are with him. He simply cut the call. He took a bottle of water and furiously he finished it.
Rahul was possessive he didn’t like her girl to plan out any thing at this hour. Tanya again called back. “Rahul, please don’t get angry we are literally stuck….”

Rahul shouted back “Oh Tanu! You know I don’t like this guy then why? Look at the time, it’s late.” he shouted angrily.

” Aniket, I have to rush back, otherwise my plans will not work out.. Why these trust issues arises between partners, we both are busy and hardly had time for each other but he is so possessive, resistance to anything I do, whoever I meet.” She felt helpless as she was in love with this relationship and she carved for him.

Tanya came back and she tried to make things normal, things were changing at a tremendous pace. When they are living together now, these adjustments are causing conflicts and they are facing issues.

“Don’t waste these precious moments babe” , Rahul held her hands..”Everything will be fine honey, don’t take me in the wrong way. Don’t shout if you do not know the problem” Tania replied and served him a bowl of hot soup on the table. Arguments and altercations have made their relationship a bit painful. Which were unbearable for Tania, but she tried her best to resume with her normal life. Maybe some day “I hope everything will be alright” she muttered to herself, while she cleaned the kitchen top and planned menu for the next morning.

She sat in the living room watching tv, thinking how she planned to share the news to Rahul but in this atmosphere she decided not to disclose about her pregnancy, why this has happened she got puzzled how to solve these issues.

One fine day, while searching through some certificates in the drawers, Rahul found out a mischievous packet. “What is this?”, he opened the packet and saw tickets of Tanya and Aniket to Australia.

Oh shit! I knew, this is what I guessed. He was trembling with anger. His patience took the last breath” she didn’t informed me that Aniket was with her. The world was upside down for him at a glance. How come his love can do this.? What is that he lacked ? He got frustrated with the feeling that Tania ditched him….Is it??

Cuckoooo cuckookkk..(Door bell)

Tania came with all materials to start video editing work from home.

“Hi Rahul ! How was your day? Did you eat something?” She took a glass of water and sipping from it asked “anything serious?” Rahul’s face was red and he was behaving differently. Tania became curious “what happened babe” she came and cupped his face , Rahul thew away her hands forcefully.

“Where were you?…. You work with him, you eat with him …and..and…now you sleep with him too…He shouted in a rage. The moment he uttered this, Tania stood stunned watching him. She was numb.
Rahul began to throw out all that came in his hand. It was unbearable for her she never expected this from Rahul, who was her everything and loved her more than anything. Time stopped. Rahul was screaming as she stood and listened to his allegations . Her eyes teared up. She picked up all the things which was lying around broken…Broken as her relationship..Her heart..Her heart was crying aloud .. how this happened? She was torn and her heart scattered into pieces, she couldn’t sleep the whole night.

She went outside and started gazing at the sky thinking “things were not working out. How can he say that I’am not loyal?” His words crushed her heart. She sobbed uncontrollably.

To be continued..part 7