Hats, Hoods, and Humiliation by Hiranya Verma: A book review

Hats, Hoods, and Humiliation as the name by itself depict boldness over humiliation. Hats and hoods give warmth and hats are worn as dignity or rank so when hats and hoods cover our heads humiliation can be kicked off. What a nice title the author has selected.

We all face humiliation once in a while and sometimes we tolerate but sometimes we burst out. In this book, the author has created a positive mindset to face challenges in a bold way.

Let’s peep into what fabulous perceptions this little girl’s endeavours to share her stories with us in a book- Hats, Hoods, and Humiliations by Hiranya Verma.

Book Title: Hats, Hoods, and Humiliation
No. Of pages: 321
Author: Hiranya Verma
Genre : Non-fiction|self-help|Children’s book
Get your copy: Kindle

An interesting book to be read by all. I share my review of the book now.

What is “Hats Hoods and Humiliation” about?

The author is 10 years old and she has supremely shared her stories with the world. At her age generally, girls remain silent or sob with the challenges they face. But the author has bravely faced the crisis and narrated her challenges and solutions for the young generation. This book is divided into 7 sections and it covers all emotional aspects and dealing with the problems. Each section ends with some point to ponder. And a quiz time for all to sum up what you have got from her bag of goodies. You can grab your hats n hoods set it firmly to stand with confidence. Hats off to such a brilliant girl.

As the section unfolds readers will discover that the little wonder has compared laughter with water and anger with lemon, how they both give us a balanced life.

Put a smile on your face and wiggle on your walk, hold your head up high and BE YOURSELF. This amazing mantra is given by the 10-year-old girl. Unbelievable imaginations can be seen in this book which we have forgotten in our life’s journey due to the busy routine of our life.
She suggested to laugh over tiny things, not to bottle up grudges. To write down feelings when you feel low that I used to do when I was in school. Her lines took me back to my roots.
She mentioned the relationship she shares with her parents, siblings, friends. A little girl’s imaginations about relationships are so well defined, A matured and thoughtful suggestions are given by her about life.
Forgetting and forgiving these are keywords of happiness. A noble heart will really make her a good human being, which is the most valuable thing.

What did I like about the book?

Hats, Hoods, and Humiliation breathe full of tangible advice while also being relatable because the author shares her stories from her own life.
In this book, she energies encourage and set all of us to deal with bullying and embarrassment. This book comprises suitable illustrations and hand-painted clip arts, which makes things easier to understand and connect. This book makes you think about a little girl’s world, how she took everything so constructive and she has given a new outlook to what everyone confronts at this age. She motivates all of us to take action rather than restrain and tolerate it. This book will help children in shaping their prospects in life.

This book will be a great addition to the school/local library or anyone’s personal collections.

This book is a gift for every parent when they deal with their children. It definitely reminds them of their childhood memories.

The summary at the end of each segment and the quiz time is amazing. Illustrations are incredible. Excellent fluency in English and the book hook you till the end.

I warmly recommend Hats, Hoods, and Humiliation a read. Every school going kid will relate to the situation that the author amasses in her book.
I would love to read more from little Hiranya’s world. Best wishes to this newbie author.

What I missed in this book?

Honestly, it’s a wholesome meal served by this wonderful girl. You might have got what I mean to say from this. Hiranya has wonderfully captured all incidents and I would like to know more about how emotionally a girl/boy handle/deal with themselves/outside world after suffering from odds in her next upcoming book. I hope she can express it efficiently. Bravo!


Rating:4.5 stars upon 5.

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