Being healthy is something all of us are yearning for, but what does that actually signify?

Universally, our health takes into account our physical, mental and emotional healthiness. People nowadays are health conscious now they understand good health is above all wealth. A healthy body has an active balanced mind which gives a prevalent feeling of well-being. The body remains strong physically as well as mentally.

“WOW! What an amazing body.”

How’d you do it? Are you on DIET? This is the biggest question you ask whenever you see someone loses weight so I have decided to share my weight loss mission with you all.

The journey that I have endured what I do and what I eat in a day I will be sharing in my articles in parts. Things that I have described are experienced by me and I thought to share this with you all so that many of you can get benefits out of it as nowadays obesity has ripened as a big problem.

“DIET” a word which gives goosebumps, isn’t it?

A crash diet is really not advisable as in a long run you can’t stick to it, after attaining your goal when you stop dieting again your weight will bounce back, so a diet should be what?

I have discovered that changing your lifestyle and eating healthy with regular exercises and yoga will help you in your weight loss journey. Doing this you can maintain your fitness and control your weight after achieving your weight loss target. So let’s enter into a new phase of life with better habits. It’s all about dedication, commitment and determination towards a positive approach towards life.

I started my weight loss journey to get back in shape and envisioned my senses, I googled many YouTube videos and articles to initiate my mission and it still on, as my motto is now to stay fit, stay healthy and in today’s world it is the most important thing so do not compromise.

I got influenced by many videos some were from dietician Rujuta Diwekar her videos are awesome can be followed easily and genuinely it solved my queries and helped me in my mission.

Her book Don’t lose your mind lose your weight is worth reading.

You have gained weight in years so don’t lose hope when you don’t see any quick results. Stay focused and motivated. Nothing happens overnight, with consistent efforts you will get good results. Work hard and cohere to it, fasten to your schedule, gradually you will see the outcomes.

To lose weight and to lose weight in a way that it never bounces back what you have to do? What lifestyle to be embraced? The first way is to build good habits, by which your health will improve and when your health is adorned, your weight will automatically lose. When you acquire good habits you accomplish endurably, an irreversible or a permanent weight. Your skin will not slacken, your immunity will boost up, overall life refines. So the things which are necessary to be followed:-

1. Daily workouts, yoga,10,000 steps of walking

These things should be entailed in your daily routine which is the most crucial thing and without omitting you should include this in your training. Exercise at least 30 minutes in a day or 120 minutes a week. Do exercises which comprise core strengths stability and stamina. This will boost your immunity and your body metabolism process which is needed for weight loss. I personally do yoga for weight loss from Patanjali Yogpeeth. Which really gave superb results in 3 months.Which I will be sharing in my next articles.

Sit less, move more be active for every 30 minutes of sitting, stand at least for 3 minutes.

2. Start eating healthy. Don’t start your day with a cup of tea or coffee.

Regulate your tea or coffee consumption. Better to stop drinking this.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) consists of acetic acid. 1 tablespoon of ACV contains 3 calories and no carbs.

Having 1 or 2 tablespoons of ACV with a glass of water first thing in the morning helps to burn belly fat.ACV contains potassium along with amino acids and antioxidants that promote health.

It has many benefits -:

1. Manages blood sugar level

2. Decrease insulin level

3. Improves metabolism

4. Reduces fat storage

5. Burns belly fat

6. Helps you to keep you full for long hours

If you have some medical issues please consult the doctor before having any drinks. Otherwise, it is safe and very effective. Positive results are seen within 3 months.

You should have something before work out session like half of Banana or overnight soaked 5 almonds. It provides you with energy for a better work out session.

Whenever you are busy in the office or feel hungry and can’t have lunch on time very often you drink tea, don’t replace it to the meal.

Take something before having tea or coffee in the morning and if you are taking black tea or coffee it gives you 2 per cent of calories and helps you in your workout session so having a cup of black coffee, is good before a workout session. Develop a taste for tea or coffee without milk and sugar.

Include salads and greens in your diet. Always eat salads before eating your meal so that when you start eating your meal you feel less hungry. Drink water half an hour before eating and half an hour after eating your food.

Don’t cut carbohydrates completely from your meal as all the nutrients are helpful and essential for our body, so you have to plan out your meal in such a way that everything will be there in that meal, and you will get a complete balanced diet.

While eating, sit at one place and eat with all your senses, chew properly and eat slowly, be grateful for what is on your plate, don’t waste food.

Eat food which is local, seasonal and traditional. Enjoy simple and basic food that is prepared in your kitchen. Say no to outside food which is mainly unhealthy and you are unaware of its sources. Go back to your roots, what your Dadi and Nani must be cooking in their kitchen.

Processed food should be avoided as much as possible. Which is very unhygienic and can stop or slow down your weight loss process, avoid junk food. Eat whatever your body is used to, means from which region you belong to. For example, if you are a South Indian you can have idli, sambar, dosa and if you are an East Indian then you can satisfy yourself with meat, fish or eggs.

3. Eat-in the right proportion

How much should you eat? Calorie doesn’t matter, it is not only the calorie which equates how fit, thin or fat you are, but there are multifactorial equations.

Eat with 3S ( eat with senses, silence, sit down and eat ) whenever you are eating use your senses, for example, start from half chapati, chew it properly take double time which you usually take then if you need one more, you feel still hungry then take one more if you don’t need more don’t eat . Stop overeating.

While eating do not watch TV or use any gadgets and concentrate on your eating. You will discover while watching tv or using gadgets unconsciously you were eating more than what you need. Sit down and chew your food properly which will help in the digestion process.

How much should you eat?

In a thali, 50% should be given to Grains, Millets, Jowar, Nachni or Bajra. 35% to pulses, legumes, vegetables or chicken or fish. Rest 15% should be chutney, salad, raita, achar, papad.

Achar, murabba is a good source of vitamin K and good for your gut. So, start eating homemade achar and murabba.

Use Kachi Ghani Mustard oil which prevents heart issues, improves blood circulation good for hair and skin. Use Coconut oil, Groundnut oil which is made in our origins. No need to use olive oil it’s the only marketing and advertising of products which create illusions and attractions among people.

This proportional map supports your weight loss.

4. Divide your meals into 6 parts. Eat every 2 hours.

The whole game lies in the KITCHEN.

People have a perception that if you are doing workouts you eat boiled food or diet food. It’s only a healthy lifestyle which is the main element in the weight loss journey.

Start your morning with five overnight soaked almonds or half size of Banana.

Homemade Breakfast like poha, idli sambar, moong dal or besan chillas etc. Breakfast should be king-size as due to high metabolic rate digestion is fastest during this hour.

then Mid-Day meal which can be a seasonal fruit ( eat 2 fruits a day) or coconut water or any seasonal fruit juice (homemade ) don’t go for packed juices which have preservatives in them.

In Lunch roti, sabzi, salad, curd, dal and if you are a non-vegetarian then you can eat meat, fish, chicken, eggs. Eat everything as every food gives you nutrients but in the right proportion.

Snack Time (4 pm to 6 pm) green tea and a handful of nuts (nuts and seeds help in weight lose), roasted makhana or you can eat whatever you had in your breakfast the leftover portion you can finish during snack time, this is the time when you feel hungry and eat fried foods like samosas, chat pakode so avoid these unhealthy food items and build good food habits.

Finish your last meal i.e, DINNER at least 2 hours prior to sléeping. Your dinner should be lightest and before 8:00 p.m. Eat Dal and rice or khichdi with ghee for your dinner. It is easily digested and it’s a myth that by eating rice you will gain weight. Believe it or not I have reduced my weight by eating rice only. Don’t fear eating rice. Rice is not just carb ther is much more benefits

1. It is prebiotic and good for your gut bacteria

2. It is easily digested.

3. Rice improves hormonal balance.

4. It is good for hair growth and skin.

5. Inhibits growth of bad bacteria.

6. It has Vitamin B1 and B2 which is good for nerves and heart and reduces bloating / inflammation.

7. Rice is not high in Glycemic Index and by eating it with Dal and ghee the Glycemic Index further goes down.

8. It gives you a good sleep.

The secret lies in this only if you eat it before 8:00 p.m. 2 hours prior to your sleeping time your digestion process will be easier. Dinner should be light as compared to breakfast or lunch. Gradually our metabolism decreases till this hour so you should eat early and healthy so that it can digest easily.

Eat early, avoid carbohydrates during dinner. Rice and dal with a spoon of ghee is a super option for dinner as it digests easily than that of other food, stop bloating, increase metabolism and supports weight loss. You will feel light and get rid of constipation if you eat this combination.

White rice is not a reason for weight gain. Rather it gives a good amount of energy, vitamins and minerals. It can be easily digested but when taken it in moderation.

You can take a bowl and have rice in it while curry or subzi in your thali. Yes, just the opposite what you are doing now. It’s a small trick to eat consciously.

Eat clean and healthy it improves your lifestyle. 80 % is all about a clean diet and 20% is a workout.

Embrace the fact that this is the food which you are going to eat for the rest of your life so start living a healthy life.

5. Ghee is not good for weight loss is a myth.

Ghee is a good fat 3 spoons of ghee is advisable and with every meal take one spoon of ghee. Good fats cut down the bad cholesterol and increase metabolism helps in fat loss so with every meal one spoon of ghee is advisable. Good fats like groundnuts, almonds, walnuts, kishmish, ghee they and gives a glow to your skin during your weight loss journey. Ghee is a superfood.

If you have constipation drink hot milk with a spoon of ghee before going to bed this is an amazing tip for having a good motion in the morning.

6. Sleep on time.

Your body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep so sleep is one of the important factors in your weight loss journey. Good sleep improves your digestion level which helps in weight loss. Fresh mind in the morning is very energetic and gives out per cent throughout the day.

7. Be active throughout the day.

Pursue some have good habits nurture your hobbies like gardening, dancing, singing, playing any outdoor games which will make you active and will give peace to your mind and heals your soul.

8. Avoid oily food, fried foods, frozen food which have preservatives in them.

Avoid all-purpose flour, aerated drinks, junk foods.

Low cal snacks like baked chaklis, fat-free ice creams or fibre loaded biscuits etc are misinformation and marketing strategies of some brains which try to sell their products and make you fool

Low-fat foods don’t mean that they don’t have fat. They are barely 1 or 2 grams lower in fat than the full-fat version.

It’s better to eat full-fat ice cream or chaklis at least then you are aware that you are eating junk, so you limit your intake. But when you eat a packet of low-fat stuff thinking it is safe but they are rather more harmful.

The worst part is these products use trans fat, which increases the durability of food and provides the right texture at the same time it makes you fat and blocks your arteries also making you prone to heart diseases.

So now while buying such products think over it.

Eat homemade chips, chaklis etc and once in blue moon you can have them it won’t hamper your weight loss journey.

Eating outside is a new culture today, when both are working sometimes we may not feel cooking every day but try to make life easier by chopping vegetables and keeping them in the fridge or making different curry pastes and storing them in airtight containers. These are few kitchen hacks which can be adapted to make the cooking easier and faster after a hectic office hour. The earlier we understand this, it is better for our future.

9. Never Starve.

Starving makes your body believe that you are going through deficiency state, due to which it goes into scarcity response by storing more fats for the presumed scarcity. Your body believes this because you are keeping long gaps between your meals.

10. Drink 3 to 4 litres of water.

Keep yourself hydrated. Every 20 kg of your body requires 1 litre of water. So now you can know how much you should drink water.

According to your weight start consuming water.

Always keep your bottles out in a row or labelled and finish them one by one so that you can know how much you have consumed in a day. Water helps in the digestion of food. And try to drink warm water which helps in your weight loss journey.

Don’t adopt a fast weight loss strategy when you lose weight quickly, you will renounce health, your skin will relinquish rather build good habits it will take time but it will give you terrific health and will help you to lose weight over a period of time which you can maintain throughout your life.

Stepping on the scale and watching your numbers going down it’s thrilling and when you work hard and get rewarded the happiness is unlimited.

Having the energy to do things actively, playing with kids, slipping into your favourite old outfit Ahhhh!!!!

Getting an amazing figure and facing the world with more confidence and a proud new version of YOURSELF olala!….who doesn’t want?

So, fasten your belts and GET SET GO.