*———Goals for this Anthology———*

  1. It’s a tribute to our motherland Odisha.
  2. Amount earned (if any) will be given to charity( will mention latter ).
  3. Finish the book before January 2021.


  1. Word limit per topic should be minimum 500 and maximum -no limit
    Some suggested topics are given whereas you can choose as per your choice.
  2. Your article should be error- free, work must be in Microsoft word, typed in Times new Roman in 11 point size, double spaced with one inch margin and submitted before 30th November 2020 to bookofodisha@gmail.com .
  3. This book will be an e-book .We might explore the feasibility of a hard bound or a paper back.
  4. Authors can download their free copy during a given period of time. Which will be mentioned time to time.
  5. Pictures makes a book more appealing so support your articles with relevant photos.
  6. Pictures should be copyright free and if the content is based on real life events of some person the author needs to get consent letter from the people involved.
  7.  A gift for all authors who will participate in this anthology ?
    Article should accompany a passport size photo of the author and a bio of 100 words (mention website if you have any).
  8. Articles must not be previously published anywhere or even in your blog. We need a fresh article.
  9. No plagiarism
  10. Each author may submit upto 3 to 4 unique work and please submit them separately.
  11. Articles should not be on any controversial topic or support any caste,creed or society.
  12. Your articles may get rejected if it’s not according to the above mentioned guidelines or doesn’t match with our motto.

    Use the time wisely and start writing well before the deadline put your creative foot forward and warm up your creativity.


Some of the suggested topics

1) Olive Ridley Turtles
2) Silver filigree work of Cuttack
3) Handicraft of Pipili
4) Nabakalebara rituals of Jagannatha Temple
5) Ratha Yatra
6) Bali Jatra
7) Kalijai temple and its legend
8) Legend of Konarak Temple
9) stories from the life of Biju Patnaik – a statesman of Odisha
10) Simlipal National Park- a unique ecosystem
11) Rourkela steel plant – a pioneer of heavy Industry in the country
12) Mineral wealth of Odisha
13) Tribes of Odisha and their handicrafts
14) Sambalpuri silk

Its definitely a collaborative effort and not a single person’s!

There is no profit. Might be some loss.

Whatever loss is there I will bear it. There is absolutely no cost to the authors.

Only I can give author’s thr name on a book. I can’t pay them. Nor I demand any money only articles of thr wish.which will be published.
First e book later on paperback.

Iam sure our efforts will bear fruit and we will come up with a landmark book.

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