Aparna Jumps

“She is my world ” I want to be with her this time, Reema twinkled her eyes and scrolled her mobile to look for dates and appointments.
” Hey ! Pradeep, can you do me a favor?” she came hurriedly and shook him. “Oh! what happened, Honey ?!!!!”
“Can you book my tickets? I want to give her a surprise ” Reema said excitedly.
” Her” means Pradeep seriously asked “what happened? Jaan! ”
” See on the 27th it’s mom’s birthday, I want to be with her, she is alone …” then she stopped….! “Oh! no !!! Report Card… Day… it’s on the same date…Oh no!!!” she rolled her eyes up, can’t go. I should have seen this earlier. How did I forget this? She is AL….O..N..E
I want to be with her on her special day. This surprise would have been the biggest gift for her..but Alas!!!
Every day, every moment after that was miserable. “Once I missed my dad’s birthday as I was very upset with him I thought I will celebrate next time …but you know Pradeep that next time never came he left us after a month till now I miss him a lot on his birthday and I will never forgive myself for this attitude.”
“Since that day I promised myself I will live in the present, the moment I get or feel to have a thing I will not think twice about it, I will not miss anyone’s special day and this drilled into my head since that day. That’s why as mom is alone this time I wish I could go and make her feel special.”
“Then you should go, “said Pradeep.
“Skip the report card” he added and looked into her eyes.
“No…no… uh! I can’t do this. Then what about meeting my loving children, some of them will leave school, I can’t see them after this day” She said and her voice got emotional..” next time then” her heart just melted and all her good memories flashed her eyes that night.
Reema went to bed thinking about how to make her mom happy, she googled several online platforms. “Thank god!”She spoke to herself, now at least due to these platforms we can reach our loved ones on their special days” she promised herself that on this birthday she will make her mother happy. She will do something special and she started looking for many options as a dozen thoughts raced through her mind.
Suddenly, something clicked ” I will send some outfits that dad wished her to wear .” She said to Meera her best friend.
On this special day, she can feel him and be happy when I went back I could only see her suffering for us, for all the trying times and all the tears that she went through these years.
I want something special “Oh God ! make her day special”. Reema whispered to herself and looked up into the starry sky. Meera hugged her and pat on her back.” You will ” she murmured.

*Midnight* *12.00 a.m*



Who is there? It’s so late now..what happened?
Aparna got off her couch and asked again.
Happy Birthday Ma’am! The boy standing outside shouted.
Oh!! Let me open the door. Thank you, son! Who are you…Aparna came out and now she could see a lean boy, with a red cap smiling at her, holding a bunch of nicely arranged flower bouquets, 2 bottle jar packets, and a nice flowery well-decorated packet. The vicinity was aromatic, the air became fresh with his presence. As he was holding numerous scented gifts.

Oh God! what’s this?
It’s your birthday ma’am and we wish you a happy birthday ma’am.
The boy handed her the package and Aparna just heard her phone beeping ..she ran into her room, Oh! Reema my darling…
Reema is on FaceTime…Aparna scrolled up the button.
Hey! Mumma dear, Happy Birthday to my angel mammy! Did you get our gifts?
Oh, baby! thanks, I am so glad…
I can eat these lovely small jar cakes..these are so pretty flowers.
She opened the packets and found the gorgeous outfits, She got enthusiastic. These are so beautiful, your dad’s favorite colour she said instantly.
Let me wear …After years I got to see these designs, I used to love such flares and suddenly she jumped up Reema…See pockets PO…C.KET..S I love these. Now I can wear pants with such lovely pockets. This one is my favorite..again she opened another one n found a photo frame where her childhood memories were captured in one frame. Omg! I have become a child again, my father used to bring me such flared gowns and after that, your dad always took care of my things. This frame just reminds me of my memories.


Aparna began dancing. holding the gifts, jumping, and laughing wholeheartedly. like a child. Reema was so happy watching all these moments. Such small tiny things they are but look how happy she is today. Thousands of thoughts engulfed her mind.
This is what I wanted. This moment, this Joy…her glowing face ..for her as if the world has stopped..oh! Lord thank you. All this I wanted. Everything is so insignificant in this world when compared to my mom’s smiling face.
Aparna danced as if a child dancing without any fear.. forgetting everything..dancing for having pockets and flared gowns… Of course, it’s a little thing but sometimes small things earn the most precious moments of our life.
Happy Birthday, Mom! Pradeep shouted from the back
” Thank You ! beta”
“Mom get ready, we will celebrate.” Pradeep said.
We will have a celebration. Let’s connect with everyone Reema ” as he began to search for names in the contact list.

Again the doorbell rang.
Aparna ran to open the door, she was so happy today, now what…?
Who is this now at this hour?
It was Adi! Her son, holding a cake ..at the door .
“Happy Birthday mom! Sorry, my flight got late…I thought to give you a surprise…”
Tears rolled down Aparna’s face as she glanced into the mobile, where her daughter and son-in-law were waving to her. Adi hugged and kissed her, her eyes went up to the frame on the wall where she saw a happy smiling face as if it was wishing her “Happy Birthday, Darling!!
we all love you…”
Mama, we love you!


Mantra of the story

We all are busy these days. We can give hundreds of excuses for not being able to do things.
I really believe if you want something desperately, you can achieve it.
Parents are precious, we understand this the day we become parents.
Love them, spend some time with them make them feel special.
They only need us, they only need love. Spread happiness as it multiples when you share.
Realise the importance before it’s too late. After losing things we often value them and their presence.
No money can buy the bond , the moments which makes beautiful memories.


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