Because I love myself: 6 ways to love yourself!

Yes! I love myself. We all do, isn’t it? Have you ever tried writing a love letter to yourself? Keeping a folder of complements or certificates of achievements,
“Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” said The Evil Queen (Snow White)
Self-love is not all about looking into the mirror.
What you do to prove yourself worthy is self-love. How much quality time you spend on yourself, and what achievements you have to do to live a peaceful and content life are what self-love means
Being honest with yourself, without any excuses, accepting flaws, and working towards them is self-love.
Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams in life if you have the hunger, determination, and desire to achieve your goal and fulfill your dreams.
Here are 6 actions you can take to love yourself. Start respecting yourself, your time, and your uniqueness.

1. Create your You ness your own identities.
We often live our lives to make other people happy, to prove to them, or to blend our life according to other people and try to be accepted in society or to satisfy them. Our main aim is to fit in or look for acceptance or try to mould ourselves
Stop doing this. You can’t make all the people happy at the same time. Be practical and never do things to make everyone happy. Believe me, that will never happen.
Make a list of your strength and start working on them. Stop doing things that are not defining you-ness. Discover YOU in yourself. Your personality is what you have to show others, who you are should be your main aim to be prioritized.
2. Be vocal about your needs
You are an individual. Be confident in your skin and speak out. Speak out your feelings and desires.
Be financially independent everything else comes automatically when you are not dependent come out of the cocoon and don’t suppress your desires.
Be more expressive. Speak out for yourself. Do what your heart wishes.
3. Set a goal to achieve
Keep promises to yourself. Set new goals and achieve them.
Sometimes you may fail but don’t lose trust or hope.
Nothing is impossible when you think” I am possible” give targets to yourself, be confident, be honest with yourself, and achieve your targets one by one
Determination and confidence give you success. Believe in your ability to achieve a goal stay motivated, challenge yourself, rise high, go ahead, and achieve success in life.
4. Me time
The most loved one in anyone’s dictionary is “Me Time’ do you know what you love? What makes you happy? What is your aim in your life? What are your strengths? What are your goals in your life?
Come let’s identify. You take out time in fact “Me Time “to be honest with yourself and create your own space, and start living for yourself. Be a little selfish for yourself so that you can know your entire self.
5. Forget and forgive
There may, be many bad experiences in life, some embarrassing moments that may haunt you. Maybe a serious mistake you have done that still lingers.
Life is all about learning from your mistakes and rising from the ashes. Look how you have changed after committing those mistakes without being failed in a relationship how could you be able to know what you want in your relationship?
Without being under pressure or in a bad situation in your company how could you able to know what you should do to an be achiever? Be passionate about your work and learn from your past.
6. Learn to say ‘NO’
When you prioritize your needs and put your needs above others believe it or not for a movement it may hurt you to be selfish to others but in a long run gradually you will earn respect and self-love.
Focus on your priorities sometimes when you want to be happy or what you want to do say yes when you will mean it.
For example, if your neighbour wants you to keep her baby for some time so that she could go shopping or you may be asked to work for some extra hours or sometimes your friend may need some loan from you, all these things you would do happily but sometimes you may stretch yourself or feel exhausted to meet other people need.

Don’t, your priorities, and don’t welcome stress to make others happy.
It’s a powerful thing to say “NO” but it acknowledges your time is valuable.
Establish your priorities so that you do what your heart wants,
When you do what you like you learn many things in a better way because you are doing what you love to do
Myntra for self-love
Create YOU NESS and your own identities
Be vocal about your needs
Set goals and achieve them
Forget and forgive
Learn to say “NO”

“Mirror mirror on the wall. I’ll always get up after I fall and whether I run, walk or crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.” – Chris Butler