Organic gardening is a better way to cultivate a garden so that we can have an enriched soil, plants and beneficial insects in our garden this is achieved by avoiding chemical fertilizers, pesticides which are available in market

We should use the organic products that nurture garden soil and the organisms in it.

When we do organic gardening plants experience a balanced and nourished ecosystem that works as natural conscious.

As we eat a balanced and nutritous diet to grow and get energy, Likewise,plants also needs food for their growth and development. We should give them proper diet and use organic fertilizers. So that they will have strength and they will grow beautifully bearing loads of fruits, flowers or vegetables.





Organic fertilizers are derived from plants and animals, they are less soluble that means minimum nutrients loss to plants. Slowly they release nutrients to the plants. Organic fertilizers provides micronutrients that plants needs such as magnesium and boron. It is smelly but the odor fades in a few days. Babies and pets should be kept out of these places where it is used in garden. Its always better to be safe.





Plants needs good organic soil for healthy development ,by doing organic gardening we also support in many other things creating a sustaining environment.

Organic soil contains microbes and fungi which slowly releases it’s nutrients to the plants it enriches the soil and give strength and protect plants from harmful pest and pathogens.

You can make compost from your kitchen wastes and use it in the garden. Adding organic compost will suppresses certain diseases.

Organic soil enhances the nutrients in the soil which slowly releases to the plants and hence less water retention . Also it helps in soil erosion.

How to make organic soil


You can dig a pit in your garden and you can throw all the kitchen wastes and garden leaves into that pit alternatively.

One layer of kitchen waste other layer of dry leaves after 2 to 3 months, it will decompose and you can get a good organic compost from your garden which can be used as a potting mix for plants you can also use also earthworms in it , this helps to increase the nutrients of the soil , which is helpful for growth of healthy and strong plant.



There are many types of fertilizers which can be made at home some of them can take 2 to 3 months like bio enzymes that can be made at home and they create magic in garden. Let’s make a simple liquid fertilizers which can be made at home for plants like

Compost Tea

Take 1 L of water +500 g of cow dung manure( old cow dung will be better) keep this in shaded area for 3 to 4 days, then dilute it with water 1:5 ratio. Apply 500ml of this mixture to each plant and water the plants after this. This liquid will give a new energy to your plants.

Leaf Tea

Collect all leaves from your garden

1/4 bucket of dry leaves + 1 bucket of water. Keep in shade for 3-4 days.Strain, dilute it with water 1:5 ratio.Apply this to all plants.

Sea Weed Tea

You can see weeds in the sea near the shore. These weeds has got powerful nutritions in it. You can use these weeds directly from the sea. People living nearby can do this. But we get these seed weeds in liquid or granular form in the market.

People living near sea

1/4 bucket sea weeds directly from the sea (clean this properly)+ 1l bucket of water. Keep in shade for 15-20days. Strain. Dilute with water 1:5 ratio. Apply this to all plants.

People living far from sea area

Sea weeds granules are available in market. Take 1 spoon of sea weed granules or liquid +1 l of water. Keep for 15 -20 days.Dilute with water 1:5 ratio. Apply to all plants.

specially when you repot or transplant a plant mix sea weed into the potting mix . Plants will never go into shock. It will give wonderful results.

The weeds we find in pots or soil at home, can also be used. You can’t use them directly as compost because the seeds in this will disturb . Take these weeds and soak them in a bucket , strain it , discard the seeds and apply in plants (1:5 ratio) as above. Plants will get weeds nutrition .

Banana Tea

Take 3 banana peels+1l water keep for 2-3 days in shaded area. Strain this. Make a solution with water 1:2 ratio. Apply this to all plants.

Grass Clipping Tea

Whenever there is cutting of grass at home. Take 1/2inch of grass tip from top it has got good strength in it.

1/4 grass clipping+1l water. Keep for 3-4 days. Strain. Dilute it with water in 1:2 ratio. Apply this to all plants. You will find instant glow in your plants.

Liquid fertilizers gives instant glow to your plants they are nutritious. Apply it any time weekly, fortnightly and during the growing period of plants for best results. They are not at all harmful.




Organic gardening supports a gentle approach to deal with pest and diseases. You can prevent pests and diseases before they occur in plants by organic gardening.



  1. Organic gardening is best for plants.
  2. Use organic fertilizers. They are useful for plants and enriched soil, plants and beneficial for insects .
  3. Making of organic soil. Organic soil gives healthy , disease free strong plants.
  4. Making of simple liquid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers gives instant glow to your plants

5.Organic fertilizers prevents pests and diseases before they occur in     plants.

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