Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Dun – 7

Next morning with swollen eyes Rahul woke up when rays of sun beamed on his face. He got up and he felt sorry whatever that happened last night between them. He reviewed every moment and the sweet memories flashbacked in front of his eyes. He got out of his bed searched Tania as usual she was not their. He thought she might have left for work , he went to the porch and looked outside “Is that what I wanted from this relationship , No! how I could be so cruel for my lady love” he was feeling guilty. The colourful future that they both had painted seemed to be washed away suddenly .

The day they decided to stay together he welcomed Tania with petals everywhere on floor. She was the lady with whom he had visioned his life.

He went inside and made a cup of strong tea for himself suddenly he saw a diary on the dinning table , It’s Tania’s diary she never wanted him to read , but…..

” I want to know why this happened? ” Rahul thought.

Rahul took the diary and flipped through pages…

March 15, 2019


I was sleeping, when the doorbell rang , oh ! Rahul made my day with fireworks and petal shower ,the air balloon … Everything was so amazing, I had never ever celebrated my birthday like this , My man, Rahul is amazing…He made my day. No one in the world can love me more than Rahul. He proposed me. I could see love in his eyes.
I have been attracted by his manly figure. But never imagined he will be mine some day.
He is so perfect. I love him too. We are in love..
I love him madly.❤

Rahul flipped some more pages..He was soaked in memories they had.

March 20,2019


Rahul and I became so close to each other , that I said yea for the munnar trip today, It was a bus ride and after years I think I have laughed so much with him, he makes me smile, he is doing whatever I want him to do. It ‘s amazing to be in love with him.

I love you madly.❤

Rahul went through her words which made him emotional. He came across the page where their first night was described …It just shivered his body..They were perfect for each other then what went wrong?” Rahul felt terrible.

June 2nd, 2019


Things are not working out. I can see Rahul is loosing faith on me. I feel helpless. Although I cheer him I failed . He compromise, he has became so possessive , how can we live our life like this.

Today I have planned a surprise for him with Aniket , I have received his call letter for advanced studies in medicine , Australian university has approved his application. At Last his dreams are going to true. I will be with him, we both will move to Australia and I will reveal the surprise as soon as we reached there. Our gloomy days will over with new environment and endeavours.

I can’t say him why Iam going to Australia now, I have to arrange everything. Sorry Rahul. Don’t make frown faces, Although you look super cute with jealousy feeling…. I know I work alot , I do it to make a secure future for us.

I love you madly.❤

Rahul felt a heavy ball inside near his throat, how to swallow these facts.

His body trembled, how cruel he was to Tania….”why” goshhhh!!!! What I have done?” Rahul fell down on his knees cried aloud.

“How could I thought her disloyal, I made bad perceptions when she was doing so much for me”

He caught his forehead sat there flipping last page where Tanya wrote about how Rahul screamed and proved her disloyal.

June 26th ,2019


Can’t say what happened ? Everything has finished. My loyalty is in doubt. Nothing in the world can fix trust. It’s the most important thing in love. Today my character and loyalty is in court of love , What I have done? Do I deserve this?

Iam pregnant…I thought I will disclose everything when we reach Australia but …..

I hope he will take good care of himself and look after everything. May he get a better life partner, I am sorry. I can’t handle and make him happy. Iam a looser.

I will miss him, his touch, his unplanned surprises, his gifts, his way of loving me. I will miss how he would picked me up in his arms and roam around the house , we cook together while making love….I will miss them all.

I will miss US” together….

Will try to live alone…No one can take his place.

Wish you a happy life my love.

Good bye.

Rahul found out the application. He was in tears.

“Please join Rahul” her words were quoted with a tag .

My love….Oh!! you are carrying our baby… My love, please come back !!!!

He cried aloud ….Iam sorry….rry. Please come back…Forgive me Tanu..You are mine..How can I doubt you..Our child..O god!! What I have done?? I can never be happy without you dear, mere breathing doesn’t amount to happiness ..

Rahul stood mortified. Blank expression and blank mind. His inner self shattered.

Memories are bottled up is this diary can they be cherished again…?? Rahul was clueless.. of their relationship….a lonely house with memories of Tania who was no more with him…He lost ….HER.

The End.