“Bhaiya! aap de dijiye inhe, main paise de Raha hu” (Bro! Give her, I will pay for it). Rama looked up. A tall well-built man was standing behind her. Her heart was pounding, “Why he is paying the amount for me?”. The man took his bag and left in his yellow Benz, as abruptly as he had arrived. Rama wanted to thank that gentleman, but he had left. The shopkeeper handed her a 10-kilo rice bag. She was happy and her heart was blessing that gentleman, “Maybe God has sent you for me. Whatever, may God give you all good things, Sahebji!” She mumbled and left for her home.
“Mummy , paise de na Dudh layenge (give me money, will bring milk)”. Rama kept quiet, she unzipped her mini purse found thirty rupees.

“This can be saved for vegetable for today’s dinner”, she thought and sat down looking at lonely streets.

A sound drew her attention. It was a message in WhatsApp about the coronavirus, to stay safe at home. She scrolled the mobile’s contact list. She called up Ashin, her former employer.


After a long ring……….

“Oh, I want to sleep who is there in the afternoon”
Ashin saw Rama’s name..(her old maid).she wanted to rest but thought to answer her call…

“Hello Rama! How are you?

Are things are ok at your end? How are the corona cases in Delhi?” She asked eagerly.
“Namaste Bhabhiji! We are fine.”

Rama’s tone was a bit dull Ashin intuitions made her ask “What’s about lockdown? Are you at home?” Ashin asked.

“No bhabhiji! Due to corona virus, society people are not calling us. Gatekeeper is not allowing us to go inside. Some people left before lockdown and when I am asking them for money, they are saying they will pay when they will be here. Even if I am giving them the account number to pay me online they are saying they don’t have money in Paytm and they can’t go to the bank now. Bhabhi, they are making me a fool out of me. We don’t have food to eat. Here everything is so costly.”

Kajal interrupted her, “Mummy give me something to eat”. Kajal was Rama’s daughter. Kajal took the phone from her and greeted Ashin “Namaste Aunty, see how mummy is saying no to everything”. She had tears in her eyes.

Ashin was so sad to hear all these she asked Rama “Rama! Do you want me to send some money”? She was clueless about how to help them during this lockdown. They are staying away and as such lockdown has made normal life horrible.

Rama instantly admitted. “Please bhabhiji! I will send you an account number. Send me “. “Rama was not the kind of lady who asks for money as other maids do. But this lockdown has made her life tough. ” Bhabhiji, we will die from hunger not corona. Corona is for rich people, not for us. If we will not work who will feed us? Look at my husband he left us for another woman, he never thought about our daughter. But how can I leave her? I am her mother. But this disease has made it impossible to go out who will give us to eat. House owner is asking for rent too. We don’t have anything to eat how I can pay him rent? I told him about Modiji’s words but he ignored and asked me to pay by next week, see how cruel he is? Whereas today in the morning while I was in the grocery shop one gentleman suddenly paid money for rice, I don’t know who he was but may God bless his family”. Rama uttered sadly.

Ashin was stunned for a minute she was speechless. She told Rama to send her the account number so that the money can be transferred.


“Rama, ask your saheb to check his account, I have transferred the money. Take the amount from him and bring some groceries first. Spend it judiciously. If you need any other help do let me know. stay safe, don’t go out and take care of Kajal.
After 5 minutes Rama called up again to confirm the money.
“Thank you bhabhi, for your help. No one is here to help us. People went home without giving my payment whereas you helped me”. “Thank you aunty!” A happy tone was shouting from the back. It was Kajal’s “Rama go and bring milk.” Ashin was happy she could help them. Although she is staying away in another city and know Rama is not working for her anymore, she helped her without any intention to get help. Just she helped her for the sake of humanity.
It’s pathetic where people are not helping the poor rather moving away from such issues. I feel pity for them. The poor are working for us. During this time, they need help. We should go out of our way to help them. I urge to people please pay the poor people who are working for us or even you find anyone in need. Circumstances have made them to sit, deliberately they are not doing things. Yes, still people are there who are helping out these needy.

One unknown man helped Rama who wàs no one for her.Rather, the people for whom she was working ran away without paying her.

Be humble. Have gratitude for them who are helping us while we are sitting at home. They are fighting directly with the corona virus making our life safe.

Nobody is enjoying this phase. It has become frightening for the labour class. They need our help. Even if they are not coming for work don’t cut their salaries, help them. Make this lockdown successful, as staying inside is the only mantra to stay safe.

This is one true event likewise many Ramas must be there, please help them. They need us. And we need them.

As it is said:-

Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.

Mother Teresa